Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tamashii Nation 2009

I have returned from the Otaku Holy Land.

First I will start with Tamashi Nation 2009. What's that you say? Not sure what that is? Take a look here.

And you can also see an ad for it from an image in my previous post.

Now I initially heard about this when I was browsing this months Hobby Japan and I saw some really cool T-Shirts that use some of Katoki's GFF lineart. I wanted it immediately.

Looking in greater detail I noticed that the event was being held this weekend. Coincidentally the weekend I was planning on going to Tokyo to catch up with some old friends. So since I was in town why not stop by and check it out.

A lot of stuff was sold out by the time I got there and I didnt' get a chance to see all of the exhibits unfortunately but I did get my T Shirts!

And the Psycho Gundam - Hong Kong Night ver. looks amazing! I'd love to see more Gundams with this reflective mirror/metal look. It was quite stunning.

While I was in town I decided to pick up a couple accessories. Things are so cheap in Akihabara... I'm still surprised. I bought a small stand for 1/144 models, a clear LED and a Kotobukiya weapon set that I'm planning to use with my GNX-III... someday.

Anyways, while I was browsing I came across a showcase of the actual models used in the Hobby Japan magazines! They look AMAZING in real life. The level of detail is shocking when you see them in person. Taking pictures of the displays is prohibited so sorry, I have nothing to show you. If you ask me, the real crime is NOT letting people take pictures of these works of art. It should be shared with everyone as far as I'm concerned. Oh well.

I like Akiba. It's a bit extreme for me though sometimes but it's better to have more options than less. Easy to go through money there though. Especially for folks like us. I've been going for about 6 years now and it's changed a lot over the years but... the parts that matter are still the same.

And now... It is time for me to spend a nice romantic evening with my PG Red Astray.