Monday, March 30, 2009

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 13 - Forearm/Shield Modification

As I mentioned in my "Shield complaints" post I have some pretty major problems with how the shield was designed for this kit. After attempting a couple poses and having the shield fall off constantly, I decided that I wasn't going to have it anymore was going to do something about it.

The main things I wanted to achieve were 1. Increased stability and 2. A slimmed down silhoutte for the part. So I cut a lot of stuff off and sanded a lot.

One mistake I made was that I'd already painted and decaled the part but I just got so frustrated with that damn shield that I said "**** it. I've come this far so let's just do it right."
Initially, I tried liquid cement and yeah the parts stuck together but it didn't give me the stability I wanted (or maybe I was just paranoid) so I took them apart and re-did it thinking about chemistry. Basic Putty would melt the parts together creating a more solid bond and then I should shape and sand it to get it to the shape I wanted. Decided to go that route. Later on I realized that it would have been even better if I drilled holes and inserted a make-shift connection rod or two. Hindsight. I'd already commited myself and it was too late to go back, but I'll know better in the future.
The red boxes show where I removed plastic.

After cutting, sanding, puttying and sanding again.

Primed again to check for errors. There were lots.

Another angle.
After another round of sanding.


I could have done a better sanding job because the surface is slightly uneven, texture wise but... at times like this you have to think of the time vs. looks/functionality ratio. It fell within acceptable parameters so I left it alone. It was a good call because the part isn't even really seen very well underneith the shield.

Not re-applying any decals to this part. Just leaving it as is. I don't want to **** with it any more because I basically have it how I want it. Sturdy and uniform. It's time to move on and put this horrible shield linkage design behind me.