Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 14 - Wing Joint Modifications, Inside Leg Armour and Weapons

Like I mentioned a while ago, these parts broke and I fixed them. Now I'm finally doing the touch up work for them. Epoxy putty to strengthen, let it sit for like... 2 MONTHS and then I sanded.

Because I'm insane and hate seeing even a touch of red (maybe because I'm a Taurus?)on this thing I painted the insides of ALL of the legs parts. Just in case.

I didn't go for the complete black because all the red you see will end up being covered up once the armour is put on.

The legs are done minus some small detail work I have left to do. Decals are done. I messed up some of them because of all the curves on the armour but I managed to fix it reasonably well with a white Gundam marker.

Some of you may remember that I let my OYW Gundam hold the Sinanju's rifle during it's construction.

It's now time to give it back so I gave it the beam sabre to hold.

Because it's a gun, I sprayed the Beam Rifle with light gun metal. It looks really good. I think I made a good call there. Decals left to do for that and the beam axes.

And now gentlemen (and lady/ladies if you do indeed exist and read this blog)... I am proud to say that my one on one battle with this Sinanju is slowly coming to a close. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally and it is beautiful. I am tempted to cut some corners now because it's essentially finished but I've been so damned diligent so far and have just a little bit farther to go. Anyone but myself would think it's done but I still intend to do some touch ups on the legs, shield, head and weapons. Very minor things. I suspect that the gallery will be up in the next couple of weeks.

Poor Red Astray. Bought on the first day just to sit in the corner lol. Never mind my MG Impulse, and my GNX III, and my GM Command, and my mass produced Guncannon, and the... uh... GM Powered, HG Aegis, Savior and... oh I better stop. I'm making myself sick. Did I also mention that I'm thinking of getting Healing's Garozzo?

I need help.