Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PG Red Frame - Dengeki Hobby 5 scans + Analysis

It wouldn't be right if I didn't finish off the set so here it is. Red Frame P-02. All the work done on the previous versions posted here were also done on this one so lets take a look at some of the modifications.

First the main shot.

The first thing most people are going to notice is the clear green on the legs and the helmet. Also great decal application on the left shoulder. Hard to get that looking good with the edge there.

Great decal job on the outer right leg. V-Fin has been sharpened. Extra detailing on the inside of the vents on the back of the shoulders.

Anyone who's assembled this kit knows that there there are two types of red parts (not including polycaps). Care was taken to unify the colour scheme (including the grey parts). There isn't as much contrast, but that also means there isn't as much distraction. I think it works. I haven't gotten into the sword assembly yet so it's hard to comment but it looks like the blade of the Tiger Pierce is a bit darker than the Gerbera Straight. I saw something like this in Hobby Japan as well but that was more of a custom job. It also looks like the hamon is different on each blade as well. Not sure if that's a custom job or if it came like that but I like it. I'll be investigating this in further detail as I near the end of the build process. I intend to spend extra time and effort on the swords (as I did with my 1/100)

Clear green on the clear parts creates a great effect. Especially with the decal and lining under it. Looks like silver paint on the helmet visors, lined then covered with a clear green painted on the clear part. It works in my opinion. Plastic removed from the torso is a minor mod but it's good. I think the deeper etching of the panel line there created a larger effect though. Lining on the inside of the armour? Hm... don't know if I'm going to go that far this time.

I'm not done with these Astray's yet friends! More to come!