Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PG Blue Frame and PG Red Frame - Work Log 1

Same deal as the Gold and Green frames that preceded it.


After I finished the Sinanju I took a couple of days off (about 3) and started on the PG Red Frame.

It has been a joy to build.

Initially, I thought that I'd just cut and assemble but I couldn't bring myself to leave the nubs on so I shaved them off of all the pieces. Even the polycaps.

Just looking at all the detail on frame... It makes me want to spend SO much time on the smallest part just to bring all that mechanical detailed goodness to light. But if I did that, 1. It would take forever 2. It would all be covered up. Not only by the armour but also by other pieces of the frame! Frames within frames... I forgot what PG's are like.

I've been doing one section a night. Trying to at least. I'm on a good pace right now. I've decided to let the details go for now and just stick with my original concept. That means I have to build the frame first (not even cutting the armour off the sprues yet) and once that's done I'm going to prime it for the re-colour job I'm planning. Even though most of it is going to be covered up by armour in the end... In this case, it's the principle of it that matters.