Monday, April 27, 2009

Sinanju Bazooka 2 and PG Red Frame PG Strike frame comparison

Well first off let me apologize. They were sold out. I got the VERY last one at my local shop and since these things are apparently quite rare now, I can't bring myself to sell the extra one I have. Maybe someday. We'll see. A lot of people asked and I would say first some first serve but it just doesn't seem fair somehow. Especially considering I only have the one extra.
I'll keep my eyes open though. If I see anymore I will certainly grab some and sell the extra's but I do want to keep one for my collection. The double gattling guns for the Unicorn Gundam are all but gone now. I don't know where or how you could get one of those these days.
I was totally clueless about the demand for these things and the scarcity. My apologies again. I even went to the post office and figured out how much it would cost to send just the bazooka to any country, speed, price etc. Had it all set up then went to buy some of these things and there was only one left. wtf. 申し訳ございませんでした.m_ _m
Moving on the next order of business is the PG Red Frame / PG Strike frame comparison.
I didn't realize just how similar they are. I mean I know a lot of the runners say 2004 on them, indicating that it was copied from the Strike mold but still. It is ultra similar when you look at it on the frame level. Parts of the 'sub frame' (or the frame of the frame) are different, like around the torso and back pack but... yeah I didn't realize that I was buying the same model! It's like doing the 1/100 Blue Frame 2ndL and the 1/100 Red Frame again. Practically the same thing minus some of the armour parts and weapons. Blah.
It's not an entirely bad thing though. Because I wanted to see the similarities between the models I stripped the Strike down and found out that I had it assembled wrong all this time! For years! I lost a couple degrees of articulation in the torso (the part that connects to the waist pistons had been put in backwards.)
Oh well. The end result will look quite different regardless of how similar the frames are. And really that was expected. That's not new information. Even from the story we all know that the MBF Prototype suits are based off of the GAT series of MS. I kind of like the idea actually because it's consistent with the story. It also gives me some ideas for my own story about this suit I'm building now but more on that later.

Sorry again about the bazooka's guys. But like I said in the Storm Dynames post... I was just kicking around the idea.