Thursday, April 9, 2009

OK! Zeke's win!

Damn I thought there would be more Feddies out there. I'm changing the banner to a Zeon suit.

Official numbers out of 131 people polled:

60-71 Zeon. 45%-54% respectively. It's been pretty consistent... Fed's never really took over. Not once.

Here are some pics of different stages of Zeon MS evolution (albeit slight ones concerning the Zaku's).


  1. Pfft. I voted fed. I'm genuinely interested in the fascination with Zeon among fans. Why? If someone can explain to me why a great majority of fans support Zeon and like the Zeon MS designs so much I would be appreciative.

  2. yeah im not sure about it either. ive heard zeon fans say that their MS's just look tougher/stronger and meaner. i mean what would look more fearsome on a battlefield? a GM or a Zaku?