Monday, January 5, 2009

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 8 - Shield complaints

The Shield... sorry it just reminds me of one of my favourite TV shows which just ended. If you haven't seen it check it out! It's AWESOME.

OK but about the SINANJU shield... it's less than spectacular imo. One of the great features about the shield is that it houses the double beam axes and the grenade launcher upgrade for the beam rifle. What it doesn't have... is a ****ing handle!

Even some of the cheapest HG kits have that just for the sake of stability but a kit like this doesn't? AND the way that the shield attaches to the forearm is pretty flimsy. It's not a perfect fit and there are no pegs so it's not that secure AND the shield rotates a total of about 3 degrees in either direction. Wow.

OK so you also have the option of attaching it to a lever that drops down from inside the shoulder. Good idea right? Well only if you want the shield to just hang there cause that's all that arm is going to do. It's too heavy to do anything else AND it's isn't stable enough to do anything else. The shield doesn't lock in. It just hangs on it.

Someone who's built this, tell me if I'm doing it wrong or if you had a similar experience. This kit is practically perfect but I expected a bit more. It's actually pretty irritating. Katoki went through all the effort of creating a shield that would allow the beam axes to swivel up and down AND lock into place but if you try to do poses with the beam blades attached... the whole thing just falls down. The weight is off and there isn't enough stability.

Other MG's and even HG grade kits have a hole in the forearm that you can plug the shield into. Insert tab A into slot B. Easy and maneuverable. This one? Nothing like that.

OK. You CAN get the shield to stay in one place and you CAN get some decent poses out of it when it's attached to the forearm and without the beam blades attached... but if you're going to spend all this money on a kit and it's doing some stuff that's shown in magazines and you buy it because you think it's cool... how would you feel after you spent the money and built the kit just to find out that it didn't do the things you thought it would? Irritated right? That how I feel right now.

But in the end... this kit has enough going for it to take a minor gripe like that just that. A minor gripe. It still is leagues ahead of any MG I've ever made and that's a few. It was just SO close to being perfect, especially over something that could have been fixed easily by a premier mecha designer like Hajime.