Monday, January 19, 2009

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 9 - Shield / what to do about the gold detailing

Ok, the shield is completely finished now. Disassembled, and re sprayed all the components again. Painted the inside and outside. Hand painted in all the little details... and then did it again. Dry decalled and top coated. This is my first time to use top coat. I did it on OYW Gundam but had to scrape it off because it ruined my lining job. Applied it too soon.

I'm done with it the shield. There might be more I could do as a bit of the red is still showing through on the underside of the shield but... it's really not worth it so I'm just going to let it go.

About the decals. Foil or Water slide? The answer is neither. I went for hand painted.

1. I tried to apply the main crest foil sticker on the front of the shield first. But I wanted to cut out the black parts first. Too troublesome. Faster to paint. Couldn't stand the idea of having that extra black sticker on there.

Start painting and realize that I'm going to need a couple of coats to get it even. Screw up a bit, shave off the excess paint, using Gundam markers on the edges to get them even and get clean lines. Paint chips off occasionally, need to do touch ups on it.

2. After that try using the foil stickers on the long lines on the edges. Does NOT match the colour of the hand painted crest. Easy? Yes. Acceptable? No. Foil stickers have too much reflection compared to the paint and are a bit lighter. Water slide or just way too yellow. In the end the included decals will be going in the trash. I have no use for them. It doesn't look good and I realize that I have to stick with one and go all the way with it. Can't mix and match. I can't at least. Probably better that way though. Things will be the same colour across the board so the model will have a uniform look upon completion.

I'm glad to have this first major component done. I want to keep my Sinanju in poses while I'm working on it so I'm moving onto the back pack next. Slow and steady! That said... I'm going through a LOT of paint. Already on my 2nd can... Big re-recolouring job...

In the meantime, OYW Rx-78-2 is taking care of the rifle.

Can you imagine what Amuro would have done with this rifle if he had it during the One Year War? By the time the Sinanju is created the 78-2 is TOTALLY outdated but still... it's kind of funny to think about it. It's like double the size of the regular beam rifle!