Wednesday, January 21, 2009



getting there. still getting some minor errors from Blogger but... it's not affecting the performance or display of the blog which is good. i've never gotten so many error messages in my life from this company. no errors for a year and then all of a sudden 4 or 5 major ones? wtf. oh well, i think the worst has passed now. i like this look much more than the old one actually. blessing in the disguise maybe. thats all for today. tomorrow is another day.


i hate html. you'd think there'd be an easier way to do all of this. figured out how to change the titles location by trial and error. wow. guess i'm going to have to get used to coding again. ugh...


spoke too soon. its a blogger error for sure but apparently i could have solved it just by reducing the number of posts displayed? ah... oh well. this blog was due for a renewal anyways. think ive got the frame the way i want it... now to put the content back in. bare with me. this is the part thats going to take time.


first my code screws up randomly putting all the side bar info under the blog,

then the backup doesnt actually backup everything and i end up losing all my info

then i cant upload my saved template. then i cant upload any other template, cant preview my blog, cant delete my modules... and bloggers help section is... slim to say the least.

well this may be the end for me. how sudden. and its not like i even did anything. one minute its working the next...