Monday, January 12, 2009

Re: Danny Choo's "Gundam Mods" post from Jan. 10/09

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Bit of a hiatus there. Life gets in the way sometimes. Been away from Gundam for a little while but I'm back now.

So I was browsing the web and noticed that Danny posted about this and thought that I'd do a supplement to that post in case anyone wants to learn more about it. Danny was looking at Hobby Japan #2 and in it they have a little spread of a very unique mod to the MG RX-78-2 v.2. The holes plus the paint job give it a very cool 'steel' look. It almost looks like the thing was made of metal and that some of the edges could possibly cut you!

But it's all just plastic and paint.

Works like this really do a good job of showing off all the work that Bandai put into making the frame. If you take a look at the the other pic in my flikr you can see similar work this artist did on this model's corefighter and MG Ball. Very impressive work. I was planning on posting this one myself but Danny beat me to it but at least I can flesh out some of the details.