Monday, January 26, 2009

Online blog templates - re vamping my blog. Again.

Gotta be careful with them. Ugh... failed again. Guess my blog was too popular for it. Back to the standard style while I work out the bugs. What a pain. Sorry.


OK just going to stick with it. Easier to edit and less things to screw up. Save time where you can so you can spend time where you want. Damn. I liked that other one too. Well this one isn't so bad. Back to the fine tuning.


Had a bit of trouble with the header but I've at least got the banner up and showing. Problem is resolution. I know just under half of you are coming in using a 1280 pixel resolution. That should look fine up to about 1400. I made it for around 1320 which is my resolution.

But a fifth of you are coming in at 1024 and the header isnt going to look so good for you guys.

9% are coming in at 800 and around 15% are coming in at 1680 or 1600. 2% are coming at 2560! wtf?! Hard to get it right for everyone so a standard colour header would be best... but that's so boring! I'd like to have an image up there of one of my creations but... I don't know. I'm going to think about what to do. For now... Half of you should be seeing this OK. Still a work in progress!


wow what a pain. Blogger is ok if you want things to be simple but if you want to try and be creative with the design... wow. You really have to know your html/xml etc. Finally got it the way that I want. Similar to the online template but... a couple of changes that should make it easier to load up and prevent crashes. Couldn't get everything EXACTLY the way that i want but... it's good enough for now. It'd take a lot of effort just to get some minor design changes so i'm just going to let it go. kinda like modelling. you have to know when to stop other wise you could go one forever and I feel like i have with this thing. I'm just going to leave it like this for now and get back to regular posting.

i checked the header on resolutions from 800 up to 1320 and outside of 800x600 (and to all you people, maybe it's time for an upgrade?) its acceptable so i think ive covered the majority of you. i tried a bunch of different solutions but in the end... the simplest one was the best. just resize the picture. at least i understand that. beats delving into the guts of the code. for me at least. but i am happy with the small number of things i was able to edit to my satisfaction. there was a fair bit of customization to my code. oh well. its all done now. back to posting!