Friday, March 20, 2009

VF-25 Messiah - Weathered with battle damage

Originally uploaded by Busterbeam
I don’t blog much about Macross. Hardly ever actually but I think this is one piece that is definitely worth sharing. The weathering job on this was just supremely done.

One thing I noticed is that he changed the colours of the head to match the plane’s body so it kind of blends in more. It looks more like a regular jet than a transforming machine. I’d go one step further and say unless you knew what Macross was about it’d be hard to tell that this plane even changes shape, outside of the wings folding back.

This is in effect, “controlled chaos”. Making it look like your machine has gone through hell actually takes an extremely deft hand.

This is my favourite VF-25 model that I’ve seen so far with the one below not far behind.

The mecha design in Macross F is amazing but the story… well you can decide for yourselves.

More of both at my Flickr.

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