Thursday, March 5, 2009

Found the PG Astray! and a Purple Sinanju?!

I couldn't believe this when I saw it. Wtf?! How and why does this store have TWO PG Astray's out already?! They had the regular one and the one with the clear armour on. Take a look at the Purple Sinanju beside it for size comparison. Here's of closer look at that.

It's kind of a muted purple. Doesn't really... pop. It's metallic. Chrome thrusters and look at the gold tubing. I just did that 2 days ago! Nice but not really feeling it so much. What do you guys think of this colour scheme?

Anyways, after taking a good look at the PG Astray in person I can say that it is definitely something I want. Don't really need the clear parts though. I do want that Tiger Pierce, extra sword however.

Suggested retail price is 18900 yen but shops around here are selling it for 12800 or 13000. They've started taking pre-orders for it but I was checking out other shops today and wasn't at my regular place so I'm going to order it from there... maybe next week.