Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Era with the Best Zeon MS designs!

Back in early April this year, I asked whether most of you were Feds or Zekes. It turns out that most of you are Zekes.

Then, starting way back in early June I asked this question and I've been whittling away slowly and patiently trying to get to this final era.

Finally, after hundreds and hundreds of votes it's been decided.

Char's Counter Attack - 34 (27%)
Unicorn - 91 (72%)

U.C. 0096 is the BEST era for Zeon MS designs
*according to the readers of this blog.

Can't say I'm surprised. When I polled to about what the best Gundam series was, 00 won by a significant number. It's the popular things! So because of that... I'm pretty sure I can predict what the answer is going to be for the next poll. That said... I have been surprised before while doing this! I could happen again. But that's not likely :)

Customary pics of the winners!


Damn this pose is sick! I'm totally stealing it.