Monday, November 16, 2009

OK... I'm starting to scare myself now...

With the new eye this thing is starting to look alive. It's always looking. Always awake. The eye is always shining. That single, solitary eye. Always watching!

I fear for the place I'll end up at once this is done. I almost like the nondescript mask more. I mean both are equally emotionless but this single shining eye can be a bit off putting. It looks more fearsome now that the eye can be seen as opposed to the shaded face.

More to come obviously as I'm just really in the testing stage now.

Changing the face is a big deal for me. I feel like it really contains the soul and personality of the machine (oxymoron yeah but you know what I mean). Changed some of the lines, opened up the visor, changed some of the colours. Some of the most precise work I've done to date has been modding this eye and helmet.

Details to follow.