Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unicorn Display Base

Remember how I said that I might not even open the box? Well, that didn't happen.

Unicorn Mode actually has eyes! My first time to see it so clearly. Similar to the Sinaju it's really hard to see the eye/s of this MS in Unicorn Mode. I wonder why they made both of the main mobile suits like that?

The transformation sequence of this base is not that difficult to do and both heads look equally nice to me, however the Destroy Mode version edges it out a bit because the Unicorn Mode's 'horn' isn't a solid one piece unit and looks a bit unsightly to me at times. I can now really appreciate the design of this MS. It really is a piece of art. As I don't have the MG version to compare it to I can't say what's different and what's the same but I now have a new level of respect for the design.

Not sure what 1/144 suit I can put on this thing but I like having the 1/48 Unicorn head by itself. Not sure when or if I'm going to paint it but I probably will someday. I'd say it's worth the money! The magazine it comes with isn't bad either! Now that my Hobby Japan subscribtion has run out (it's been a year already!) I'm free to buy more Dengeki Hobby's which in my opinion is a superior magazing for people who like Gunpura primarily and not stuff like... Queen's Blade. Not that there's anything wrong with Queen's Blade but I'm just saying... I'm buying the magazine for Gundam, not for... uh... well... yeah.

I like how Dengeki Hobby now starts with the months important hobby news. It's a nice little difference between it and Hobby Japan. One amongst many. The calibre of modeling is better too imo. Can't believe I'm saying this... but I'm glad to be free of my subscribtion to Hobby Japan. Good magazine but Dengeki is just plain better.