Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This bazooka is done. - Part 1

In order to fix the cracking problem I mentioned before, I broke the piece off out right and then cemented it back in.

Sanded but didn't prime again.

First time using Aurora stickers for the lenses.

The result. I love them!

Bazooka details. Used just regular enamel paints. I realized that I actually painted it in the wrong shade of gold and had to repaint using the same Gundam marker that I used on my Sinanju. I did do panel and detail lining in regular enamel gold though.

Extra water slide decals courtesy of Gaijin Gunpla, who kindly sent me his extra decals in the mail. Thanks for that man! I did put some of them to use! Also this was my first time using mark setter and softer. I swear by the Mr. Mark Softer now. Love it!

If you look carefully you'll see that the broken piece started to crack again once I put it back on the bazooka. Oh well. Now I'm deciding whether I should fix it or just cut my losses and leave it alone.

Went a bit decal crazy, but I had them to use so... why not! But I did use up a lot of the extra decals I had laying around so at least they didn't go to waste.

I wanted my bazooka to be specific for the EE. As you can probably tell... this bazooka won't match up with any other Sinanju but my own.