Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More shopping

Wanted to show a pic of some stuff that I bought in mid October because it's finally going to be coming into use soon. I was just walking around Tokyu Hands and saw a couple of cheap things that I thought I might be able to use in the future so...

2 Red LED's + battery box. Didn't work as well as I hoped. Couldn't get a very strong light for some reason. Who knows why.
Couple of small magnets. These things can't be cut though... so if I'm going to use them I have to use them as is.
Sanding head for my mini design router. Shaft was too wide so I couldn't even use it. Note to self: It's not a standard system. Measure beforehand.
Mirrored decorative tape. The cheapest thing here. Probably the most useful tool.