Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have arrived.

I should I say, "I have returned." in the voice of a Protoss Dragoon.

Flight was fine.  Delayed but fine.  I'm good at killing time.  Bought the GM Custom in the meantime (Duty free.  It was cheap.)  Read the new Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby.

Driving home from the airport, my mom stopped by a pet store to get some food for the cats. I went into the neightbouring craft store (Micheal's) to check their paints.  $2.50 for a small vial of Testors enamel.  Ouch.  I paid half that price in Japan.  Not sure how I'm going to set up my new "lab" here but I'm working on it.  Things are going to get weird.  I'm so used to using Japanese products but... just going to experiment and see what I can do with the domestic stuff.  Probably gonna end up painting in the garage... But it's so cold!  Argh!

But whatever... It's good to be home again!

Addicted to GM's!