Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doll X Gundam

During this time of transition in my life I have been hard pressed to find a place to display all my plastic. Luckily for me my mother is also a collector... of dolls!  Barbie dolls mainly but she likes many kinds.  She has some nice cabinets to display her collection too.  I can really appreciate them more now!  Like mother, like son I guess.  Take a look.

I elected not to put them in her cabinets because I have other plans regarding my boys and I need them to be mobile. She gave me some shelving racks that I can assemble and I'm probably going to use them in basement "den" which will become my new "lab". Right now she's just using it as a storage room so I'm going to be fixing that up. It will be pretty nice by the time I'm done with it.

But for now this lot is going to be staying here. I may bring the 3 Mark 2's into my room along with the Titanium Finish RX-78. I still have a couple more guys in a box here but I'm not going to bust them out until I get the display situation set up in the basement. After that... wait until March for the remaining troop reinforcements and then take it from there.

Still feels weird to be living at home again considering I've been on my own for nearly 15 years.  However... my life has never been this cheap and carefree.  Say what you want about independence but it does come at a price.  I've done enough in the past decade to warrant a bit of a break so I'm going to take it!