Thursday, February 3, 2011

HGUC GM Custom - Ideas

I love nearly every pic I see of this thing.

Trying to think of what I want to do with it and then I saw this.

Think I'm probably going to go in this direction... Or at least something similar.  I doubt I'll be doing any mods.  Gonna do the snap fit... Now I guess.  Jet lag is setting in so my sleeping schedule is messed up.  Can't play FF13 because my sister is sleeping (she has the PS3) but it's not like a have a job or even... a life... anymore so I can do whatever the F I want when I want to do it (outside of playing FF13) so I might as well just get back into Gunpla!  Finally set up a semi-decent makeshift work area... But I found a GREAT place here for my finished pics and my eventual proper work area but I'm gonna need a lot of time to get it set up right... but time is something I have now.  Finally.