Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just talking... Mid Feb 2011

Semi Valentine's Day related post.

My 2nd former assistant took the pictures below.  I felt the need to post them because I thought that they were pretty good and I liked them a lot, especially considering that she's not into mecha at all.  She got good angles and had a steady hand.

This girl was not a Gundam fan.  She didn't even like Sci-Fi! (thus 'former'. I realize now that a girl that doesn't like Sci-Fi really can't be with me in a meaningful relationship.  She doesn't have to like it.  She can be neutral, but to out right say that she doesn't like it...  Next.) but after she started taking pictures of the Gundams and started posing them she said... "You know they're actually kind of cool... OMG I cannot get into this!"  But she kept taking pictures anyway.  Another sign... resisting herself because of some pre-determined stigma.  Not listening to yourself = Not good.

I think the thing that interested her most was the molding.  She's a designer for one of Japan's top automobile manufacturers and she was really into how the panels were made.  It was interesting to see what she took from the "Gundam" world.  Each of my assistants took something a little bit different and if I can help to foster a bit of understanding about this hobby that we all love, then I'm willing to make the sacrifices!  I'll let you guess what my sacrifices were.

It was really strange.  She designed parts for machines but she wasn't into machines at all.  She was more into nail art than anything, which ended up being a common bonding point between us actually because we talked about different kinds of paints, topcoat and uses of acrylic powder.  Strange but there it is.  Anyway here are her pics!

It's cool to see how Gundam looks to her.  She really captured the size of them from her upwards facing angles.  They really do seem like giant robots in her pictures sometimes.

How is this related to Valentine's Day at all? It isn't really. But Valentine's Day is about couples and relationships and as I mentioned before in a couple of posts, a lot of my recent relationships have had... crossovers into my Gundam life.

I'm glad that the women I date show an interest in what I like. And this blog... from it's inception was meant to chronicle my experiences with this hobby. I never thought that it'd go in this direction but... everything I post here IS Gundam related and it is part of "my" Gundam experience. It has spilled over into my personal life and I'm totally OK with that. Gundam is a big part of my life and nearly everyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm a fan and make these things. I'm not that shy about it. I don't advertise (well I do wear the occasional T shirt now and then) but I'm more than happy to talk to those people who show an interest in this hobby.

Anyway now that I'm home all of those days are behind me now. They remain good memories now. I'm still trying to find a good way to work on things here but it's not really coming together like how it did in Japan. Just don't have the space for everything right now. Still gotta clear up some more room.

Outside of that... I noticed that I don't really post on weekends because those are my "social" days. When I go out and meet and talk to people. Sunday is generally a relaxing day with my family and Monday to Thursday I'm working on... games. I've gotten back into games again. It's bad. I haven't been doing much outside of PS3 specifically Final Fantasy 13 and PS Move games. I recently just got Gran Turismo 5, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and today I got StarCraft2.

There are so many things that I want to do for this blog but I haven't gotten around to any of them. Actually there are a lot of things I had planned for a lot of different things and I haven't really done any of them yet.

Everyone is telling me that it's OK to take time to adjust to being back and that I should take some time off after everything I've done recently but that's kind of the problem. I was moving at such a fast pace and I feel like I should just keep it up. Games have really been a big distraction. There was a time when I'd stopped playing games for months on end because my 360 was broken.  It was easy to find stuff to fill in the gaps. Now I have a PS3 with a decent sized HD LCD TV and a bunch of games I've been looking forward to.

I don't feel like I'm being very productive but... I'm enjoying my life. That has to count for something right?

I've started work in the Titanium Finish RX-78-2 and I'm really enjoying it. I'm documenting everything so a decent WIP will be posted when I ever get around to it.

So much to do... and I don't even have a job! haha Oh well... let me stop writing and go back to work... on... something... don't know what. Kinda aimless. But I'm not just sitting around. I feel like I'm doing something all the time but I don't know if I can slot it all into the "productive" category.

I think the key might be to do something that is "concretely" constructive in my mind just to say "Yes. I did do that today." If I do something like that everyday I think I'll start to feel more... Fulfilled. Can't hurt to try.

If you've gotten this far thanks for reading.  It was kind of rambling blog post.  I do feel kind of aimless now.  Maybe my writing will start to reflect that more.

Anyway let me leave you with a pic of pure bad assedness.  Adrian made this masterpiece!  Be sure to check out his site here.  His scratch built work is pretty impressive!

and now that I'm back in Canada... Am I supposed to be focusing more on western women now? Let's try. What do you think?

Sara Underwood. I watch her on "Attack of the Show" now that I'm home. She does "The Feed". AND she was in Playboy apparently.

I still like Olivia more. Loyalty. I have it.