Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome Home


She was good about it. She expected me to come and get them eventually. I was going to ask her if she wanted to keep the ones I bought for her but they were already in the box so I didn't say anything. Probably for the best...

It was a bit awkward but we could both say some things that were on our minds. This year is wrapping up and I spent nearly half of it with her. She was a great partner. I was very lucky.


  1. Thats good you guys talked a bit, plus you rescued all your Gunpla that was there!

  2. Must have been an emotional day huh.

  3. Sucks to have to leave a good, stable life behind. At least you can enjoy the rain/snow we get here in Canada all the time. It'd suit the temporary somberness.

  4. Yopu're probably lucky they're intact?

  5. Sonar - lucky in a 1000 ways! that is definitely one of them

    Shaomu - yeah it does but things will be good in Canada too i hope! been away from my friends and family for a long time!

    tom - yeah. it was. happens sometimes!

    samshio - yeah! win 2x!