Friday, December 17, 2010

PG Strike Freedom - Progress thus far: 2 - Wings

Easily one of the most monotonous aspects of Gunpla that I've done (but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun). Luckily I'm doing all of this while enjoying some lessons on Quantum Physics so at least my mind is somewhat occupied while my body is on auto-pilot doing all the cutting and clean up work. The assembly doesn't take that much brain power either leaving me to concentrate on bigger things like... photo electric effects in Selenium atoms.

Well, I say that but it IS easy to mess up on things if you aren't paying attention.  Double check surface designs!

Anyway take a look at the video series if you're interested.  I've certainly learned a lot and am planning on going through the videos again! So much great stuff to learn about modern technology.  I've been going through these videos while I've been teaching my own semester here.  I started teaching my first class this semester on the same week as when I watched the first video in this lecture series.  My aim is to start and finish both at the same time, like I'm actually in school, but both as a teacher and as a student.  I have 15 weeks of classes to teach and there are 26 videos in the series so if I do about two a week I should be OK... and I think I am. 

I figure I spend some much time teaching others... why not teach myself something while I'm at it?