Wednesday, December 22, 2010

模型战士Gunpla Builders Beginning-G Part.C

Who knows how long it will be on the net for so take a look while you can.

I gotta say... Beargguy is really cute! I love the weapons! I also liked how the girl pilot (Rina) didn't know that it's a suit for underwater combat and it was trying to swim in space. Funny!

It looks like this is the final episode of the series and we are definitely treated to some lovely battle scenes! I love seeing all those different custom Gundams fighting each other! Battles you never thought you'd see in animated form!  Red Frame vs. The O?! Even some models you never thought you'd see! Hyaku Shiki with a gold Gundam shield! So much cool stuff!  I can't even begin to talk about it all!

And the new Beginning Gundam 30 with it's extra parts looks really cool!  Powerful!

I really enjoyed this series!  Looking forward to watching it again later on down the road in better quality.

Mirrored Gelgoog?!  Nice!