Monday, December 27, 2010

Gundam Be@rbrick

I suppose it was only a matter of time considering that they have a Be@rbrick version of just about EVERYTHING already... but needless to say I was quite pleased when I saw this in the local convenience store.  Gundam everything here!  Little toys sold in conveniece stores, attached to candy, attached to noodles, attached to drinks.

Why am I leaving again?
I went to get some whiskey and decided to pick up the Pepsi while I was at it.  I don't really intend on mixing them.  That whiskey is ultra cheap.  Like $4.  I was in the mood for it since I was drinking with my newest 'assistant' that night and she's really into whiskey and was telling me about it.  Funny how it takes a woman to teach me about stuff like that.  If she saw the crap that I bought for myself I don't think she'd be pleased but she'd drink it with me anyways.  That's why she got the job.

Sorry I should have cropped this.  Here's the little guy standing on top of one of my paint vials (since I was painting the PGSF today.)  Cute little thing.  I wanted to pose him next to a Dom but then I realized that... I don't have a single Dom.  It's shameful.  It's one of my favourite suits but I've never gotten around to getting one.  Funny since I was this close to buying a 1/144 Tropen today.