Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red Frames

Sorry I've been out of circulation for a bit.  I've been really busy and a lot's been going on.  Hopefully I'll have the chance to make a post about it soon.  Thanks G.G. for your concern.  Just in a time of transition right now.

That said, even though my personal life as been somewhat of a whirlwind recently I still make time for Gundam!  This MG Red Frame was a spur of the minute purchase.  Not in the plans at all but a few of the guys around here made some comments, namely Z, said that I'm the only person that loves the Red Frame as much, if not more, then him, and Sonar who said that he hadn't seen me this excited about a model since when the MG Red Frame was announced (referring to when PG Strike Freedom was announced).  Then I saw what Z did with his and it got me thinking... Why the hell didn't I buy it?  This is a model I should have.  Now I do.

No full gallery just yet but I have to post about this before I allow myself to talk about the PG Strike Freedom which I just picked up today.

Couple of comments about this kit.  I ****ing love it.  The mechanical details on the parts are superb.  The parts are small and there are a lot of them so it makes painting and detailing a bit easier. Initially the proportions threw me off a bit (because I was so used to the 1/100 version I think) but now they've grown on me and I like the way this kit looks a lot.  I made a couple of changes to this kit already.  Can you see them?  I only changed two things concerning the weapons.  I'm so glad they included the extra parts from the MG Blue Frame!  Not enough though... I need just one part to get the Blue Frame's feet but that wasn't included... but I'll take whatever I can get.  Lovely, lovely kit.  Highly recommended.  I'm really looking to giving this kit the attention it deserves someday.  This write up doesn't fully express how I feel about it the suit and this kit but I'll write more about it sometime later.