Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-Mas!

Present for you! Choose one!

Yukie Kawamura (Top Left), Ryoko Tanaka (Top Right), Hwang Mi Hee (Bottom Left) and Ai Shinozaki (Bottom Right).  I choose Ai!

Merry X-Mas guys! Hope you have a great one! I won't be recieving any Gundams from my non-existent gf this year... but that's ok. My ex got me two last year so I'm just going to pretend that she got me two years worth! haha

Peace and Love to all of you around the world during this holiday season!

Oh and here's something for you folks that aren't really into this type of stuff.

It's only right considering this is my X-Mas Gundam. Damn this thing looks good!

Or maybe this is more your style?!