Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MGIJ WIP 10 - Backpack finished

Little bit of a crossover with my Musha MKII WIP as I just assembled the swords for it but since it's still in the frame stage I let my Infinite Justice play with them for bit. Infinite Justice is loaded with beam blades but has only one conventional blade in the "grapple stinger" housed in the shield.

I don't think the Japanese style blade really fits the suit itself but I just liked the idea of it having another melee weapon.

The back pack is totally painted but still needs to be lined. I still need to do the head, torso and some touch ups on the legs. Also I'll probably need another coat of white on the arms as well. Sad to say this kit is still a ways from being completed but... one step at a time!

The parts here were painting with my airbrush.  Metallic black and silver.  I thinned the paint considerably but it seemed to work out OK.  Better to err on that side I realize.  Better to have it too thin than too thick and have it jam your brush up.  I'm happy with the end process.  Even if airbrushing takes a bit longer and is messier you can't argue with the results.

Yeah sorry I'm posting these through imageshack because it's way faster than the blogger interface. I doubt I'll keep it like this but I'm just experimenting. Trying to stream line my posting process as well as my modeling process. Let me if any problems arise please.