Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog changes

Well since both Gaigun and ASM went and changed their layouts I figured I'd follow suit. It's a bit over due I guess.  Went with green because it will be the featured colour of my next completed Gundam which will be the MGIJ.  Changed the header pic as I'm sure most of you noticed and a couple of the colours here and there.  I've tweaked the layout on this thing so much that I don't want to mess with it anymore so the basic design is still the same and that isn't likely to change anytime soon.  But who knows!

That said I'd like to make a small mention about the size of the pics that I use on this blog.  I tend to post large pics because it looks good on MY monitor.  It may not look so great on smaller monitors (overlapping images/text etc.)  Remember you can always get around this by pressing ctrl - or ctrl + to resize whats happening in your browser.  That can help to make things look how they should on your monitor.

No pics for this post?  Never!!!  Not on my blog.  Here is some Yoko Maki for your time.