Monday, June 28, 2010

HGUC Zeong

Another one down. Didn't do anything to it. Check out the gallery here. Of course it will be updated over time. I intend on doing the write up for the kit in the comments section of the pictures.

-Articulation isn't that great.  Newer kits have spoiled me. 
-no extra weapons at all. 
-lots of PC parts. 
-decent amount of movement in the waist, chest and neck.
-expected more range of movement in the wrist and elbows.  There isn't much at all
-the hands are great for an HG!
-comes with it's own stand which is a plus
-lots of mecha detail under the skirt
-has great potentional for extra panel line work
-a new color scheme, plus panel lines, plus thruster work could make this thing look pretty cool I think!
-the supplied wires were less than useless for the extended arm options.  They don't fit into the holes well and they can barely support the weight of the arm without spinning down into some wierd position.  Not worth the effort.
From Zeong
Recommended only if you're a UC / One Year War fan.  It's a menacing kit.  Looks like a zombie coming after you almost all of the time time.  It's not really my thing.  I got it as a birthday present 2 years ago.  It's about time that I build it.  It's nice though.  I wouldn't have bought it for myself but I'm kinda glad I have it.  It'll go well with my G30 Gundam.

Planning on doing some heavy panel line work, and painting in metallics to bring out the mechanical details.  I will probably do a more elaborate paint design on that large skirt surface area.  Just to broad to waste on a single colour.  Might add a couple of over lapping paint lines with some kanji characters or something.  As usual I'm thinking monochrome right now so it can pair up with the G30 Gundam.