Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Musha MK II WIP 3 - G-Panel Armour Parts

Exactly what it says in the title plus tachi, saya head and feet. Props to Gaigun for letting us all know that it is NOT a katana technically.  I cut out all the G-panel armour parts and sanded the nubs down. I added a couple extra gold parts from D-panel to use up all the armour parts I cut from G-panel.

Not using the knife as much for this.  During my MGIJ WIP I noticed that some of the edges didn't look that great where I used the knife (too much of a distinction between nub removal area and the rest of the plastic) but I should have a better result using my sanding file.  Because I'm going to be painting it, it should come out more smoothly in the end.  The knife is good when you aren't going to be painting and you can just use your thumbnail to blend the colour in.  Ghetto way I know but that's how I roll.  Trying to keep costs down.

Was originally thinking to paint before assembly but... I want to get a feel for what it looks like assembled and then make the colour call then.  Part separation, and then on with the painting!