Thursday, June 24, 2010

My secret weapon has arrived!

Lupes suggested it to me and I immediately thought "I must have it."
Now I do.
To prepare for it and the upcoming projects I decided to organize my room a bit better to make a dedicated paint/work station.
Take a look. Before. What I call "Mecha Hell"
After.  Mecha Paradise.

The thing on the floor beside the chair half painted black is my air filter.  I just cleaned it.  The paint sticks on the outside frame and accumulates as dust on the inner filter.  Easy to vacuum off.  But even with this I don't paint indoors.  Too dangerous.  Behind the purple curtain is my balcony and air conditioner and I place the air filter on top of it out there and spray into it.  It sucks air into the front panel and blows air out through the top.  I use it so that the paint all flows in one controlled direction and doesn't go all over the place.
My airbrush is on the white short bookcase beside it.
I moved the portable desk over to the side so I could prep and mix my paints faster and get the parts ready near to the painting area.  This whole thing should speed up my painting process considerably.  I'm hoping at least!
Now... I have to figure out how to actually use my secret weapon! haha