Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You're putting limits on your greatness

Post #400!

Advice from my mom. This is how I'm going to remember it. I'm going to keep him close so I'm constantly reminded of the things that need to be done. I choose the unfinished 'GF Build' Zaku to remind me of all the things I have yet to do and what I've lost because I didn't do them in a timely way, didn't do properly, or just didn't do at all yet.
The message in short means to be less reactive and more proactive.
Easier said than done but... it can't hurt to try. Actually the opposite of that. It'll make you feel good in the end just knowing that you've been active about achieving your goals.
Just something to think about.
Anyway, best of you luck to all of you in achieving your own goals, whatever they may be.