Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VF-27, SV-52, ADF-01 and fuschia is not a real mans colour

Sorry this is going to be pretty dense. Take your time with this one.

Couple of things to say about this as I don't post about non Gundam related stuff that often. First I am a huge Macross fan. Second, I did NOT like Macross Frontier outside of the mecha designs. Third, I very much like the VF-27. Ngee Khiong did a very nice write up about this unit and it's (seemingly) technological predecessor the SV-51, which I actually like a bit more because it avoids a lot of the issues that I have with the VF-27's Gerwalk and Battroid modes. The SV-51 has problems of it's own but I'll outline all of these points later.

VF-27 first. Check it out.

Let's start with what I do like. Fighter mode. Love it. Looks great. Awesome. I think the wings are excessively angular (I prefer simpler lines. I'd cut the number of angles down by at least half) but over all I like it, especially the cock pit. As you can see there isn't a proper 'canopy'. It's enclosed, similar to the ADF-01 Falken type fighter from Ace Combat 5 and Zero (both great games for the record. Big Ace Combat fan here.)

Oh yeah. Falken.

Actually a bit more on the Falken because there are probably some correlations between the technology used in both fighters.

From the Ace Combat Wikia page.

It's most prominent feature other than forward-swept wings is what seems to be an armoured, glassless cockpit. This is actually a 360° celestial-spherical screen cockpit layout, giving the pilot an immense advantage in combat. Instead of a traditional glass canopy, the plane utilizes a prototype of the revolutionary Connection for Flight Interface (COFFIN) system, which is similar in effect to a one-way mirror or an extremely tinted window. The pilot can still see out, but no one can see in. This is achieved via a series of real-time hexagonal monitors and external cameras that transmit the visual data to the pilot. This also allows for the HUD and targets to also be displayed at all angles, where as a normal aircraft can only show targets and data on it's front HUD display. If a target were to leave that HUD on a normal plane, the pilot would only be able to see it's green targeting square. On the Falken however, the monitors and a powerful computer eliminate that problem.

And people ask me why I love mecha. Am I the only one here that thinks that's frickin' cool?!

Now as much as I love the VF-27, I do have a fair number of problems with it. 1. The head. Not really feeling those horn things. 2. The torso/stomach. It doesn't look very stable or strong. It looks way too exposed. Like a well place shot there would destroy the whole machine. Finally, I have major problems with the Gerwalk mode. Namely the unsightly gaps and jagged tail left behind when the legs fold down. Also look at the wings. How can such large wings (with a thruster attached to each one no less) be held aloft by such a small and flimsy hinge? Did I mention that the jagged tail at the end of the body really bugs me? It does. A lot.

Finally the colour. What is that? Fuschia? I can't abide that. This is a military vehicle! Granted my favourite MS is pink/fushia but... I can let it go because it is the God of Melee Combat. Even though I have the MG version of that MS, I am definitely planning a recolour job for it and no it won't be black and gold! haha

Now, this new Grace O'Connor use VF-27 solves a lot of my problems. New head (thank goodness) and a more subdued colour (making it easier to repaint should I be inclined to do so. Plus I don't hate the tan. More ARMY like). It doesn't solve any of the other design issues I have but... I think I can work around it.

Finally... I hesistate to try a recolour on a transformable model kit. The amount of chipping and breakage problems I've had on my Sinanju has been enough to deter me from attempting a similar task on this kit, should I decide to purchase it. I have Macross TOYS but I don't have a model. I PLAY with Macross things. I don't really spend time making them look nice. So... I'm more inclined to buy one of the transformable toys should they ever come out. At best... I'll do a decent lining/decal/top coat job on it and leave it at that. I'm seriously considering buying this. I might even get Michel's blue VF-25 while I'm at it because I'm hardcore like that and it's the only VF-25 version that I really like. No super pack or anything. Just the stock fighter.
Concerning the Sv-51, I don't have any of the problems that I mentioned with the VF-27. No jagged wing lines, no sharp tail section, no horns on the head. It seems more like a bird in the Gerwalk mode, I believe it's wings actually flap on occasion. This machine is a first generation transformable fighter prototype but in my opinion it remains one of the best. I do think it's odd that the design was scrapped until the emergence of the VF-27, 50 years later. The only problem I have with it is that it looks very structurally unstable. Like it could break apart at any moment. That said... I think it looks quite frightening sometimes. Like a real monster.

Digging the feet too.

With all this talk you might be asking... what will make this guy happy? Well not much really. There's only one real veritech fighter that I truly love and have almost no problems with and it's the VF-2 SS, a design so great that this site was created in worship of it.

Not so modern, but not so common either. What can I say. Sometimes I'm just a practical traditionalist when it comes to my mecha designs. The VF-1 is one of the top mecha designs EVER in ANYTHING in my opinion. It's hard to beat. The VF-2 improves upon it just enough for me.

Alright this post is getting on in length and I realize now that I could talk about this ad nauseam so let me stop here before I get into the the merits and demerits of the VF-11, YF-19 and YF-21 and the VF-22

Actually **** it. The VF-22 gets love from me so I'm going to showcase it a bit.

Look at those lines. Dayum playa...

Finally, the Falken gets one more last salute from me because it's that damn good.

This was my wallpaper for some time.

Question to the Macross fans. Best transformable fighter and why?