Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MG Red Frame Kai

Hijacking Z's content here because it totally shocked me. I didn't realize that he made this with his limited edition gunplas including a RED Blue Frame 2nd L.

Now that the MG Red Frame is officially going to be released along with a REDESIGNED Tactical Arms that turns into a CROSSBOW (omg...) and TWO katanas (omg x2... T_T) it looks like his imagination has finally became a reality.

You might all know that the Red Frame is one of my favourite mobile suits if not my favourite outright. Getting this an absolute no-brainer for me even though I already have the 1/100 version along with the PG version. The fact that it comes with the MG Blue Frames articulation makes the pot that much sweeter for me.

Anyone else excited about this or is it just me?