Sunday, December 20, 2009

Macross 7 1/60 VF-22S Sturmvogel II Max Custom

I really shouldn't be buying more stuff but... I'm getting a strong feeling that I'm going to shell the cash out for this considering how much I'm getting into transformable planes... What's one more? Coming out at the end of Dec. at just under 20 000 yen! Bit pricy but... I've got the money.

If you read my long rant on the VF-27 you'll know that I'm pretty picky about this stuff but the VF-22 is definitely a design that I like. It has almost none of the problems that I mentioned about the VF-27. My only gripe is the bulkiness in gerwalk and battroid modes contrasted with the thin limbs that serve no other purpose than to be limbs in gerwalk/battroid mode. I always thought that they were a bit too thin for this machine but when I read the wikipedia entry about it I understood why and could forgive the design.

Unlike Kawamori's other Variable Fighter designs, the VF-22's legs are not its thrusters; instead, they are stored in the undercarriage of the fuselage in fighter mode. As General Galaxy has employees of Zentradi origin as majority of their workforce, the Battroid mode shows a slight resemblance to the female Zentran armor Queadluun-Rau.

That makes sense doesn't it?

Well I'd prefer this thing in the original YF-21 colours shown here but... I've always liked Max's machines. This one is no exception.
Here's the source.