Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sinanju - Eye Work 2

Initially I posted about the work I did on the eye a while back. Here is the follow up finally (I'm terrible I know.)

First let's start with shots of the stock helmet/face. Green lines show where I did the cutting to open up the face and eye slot a bit more. I basically just cut out some of the curves and extra angles in the design. More open and simpler is the look I was going for.
Very narrow field of vision. Needed to open that up to let more light shine into the eye and reflect some of the colours out. Also changed my two tone gold/black face plate scheme for a uniform black with gold lining one. Again... trying to simplify.

Decided to remove the mould line and nub marks on the blade antennae while I was at it.

Helmet removed. This is what the eye looked like. "Shine silver" acryrilc base with clear green enamel on top. I know I got the order reversed but I didn't know better at the time and it was all I had. Besides it's a small piece so didn't think it'd make a big difference. It didn't.

Sanded all the paint off, applied a tiny piece of mirrored tape to the eye then put an aurora decal lense on top of that. Captures and reflects the light 1000x better now.

This is what it looked like after and when I decided to make a quick post about it. I wasn't satisfied with it though. Even though you could only see it with the flash I didn't like the grey on either side of the eye...

So I went back and added mirrored tape to either side as well just to have more light moving around inside of the helmet

Doing this didn't change the outward appearance so much... but it's the principle of it. I feel better having done it. Leaving no stone unturned and all that...