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September Gundam Pics

Let there be no more secrets among us.

All of my Gundam pics for the past little while.

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PG Strike Freedom Gundam - Commentary 2

Here's the info and for reference here is a link to Commentary 1 and some detailed design shots.  Both Z and Lupes said that I'm probably going to be right about this thing and it is shaping up to be that way.  Take a look.

Translated Detail from Ngee Khiong:
- Will be the largest PG release in terms of volume when the Super Dragoon is expanded.

- Customized display base is included.
- Dynamic poses are possible using the base with adjustable angle of display.
- Extra finish enhancement for the golden interior that will be exposed in High Maneuver mode and Full Burst mode. Gimmicks are incorporated for the exposure of the parts.

3 major design points:
- Gimmick for the release of the Super Dragoon
* Sliding action of the Super Dragoon is linked to various mechanism of the wing when it's released
- Complete new mold for the movable frame
* Movable joints combine with expandable golden parts
* Further improvement of the slide mechanism of the interior and exterior parts as compared to PG Strike Gundam, which will effectively expose the golden finish parts.

- New mechanism for the joint design
* New joint design for the waist and leg to handle the weight and stress of the model. Durability of the joints is improved while posing capability is retained.
Weapons and accessories: beam shield, beam rifle x2, "Xiphias 3" railgun x2, Super Dragoon x8, display base.
Content: 55 runners in total, construction manual, commentary booklet, LED unit for the head, foil sticker, screw for LED lighting unit, spring x8, PET part for shield, clear sticker.

Packaging size is 600mm (width) x 400mm (height) x 180mm (depth).

(Release Date: Dec 2010, Price: 26250 Yen)
First, let me say that I feel for you guys overseas who are going to pick this up.  That's a steep price by itself but combined with shipping costs + mark ups from local dealers... oh and how about that yen eh?! 85 to the $. 

Sorry my friends it's not going to be cheap so just mentally prepare yourself for that now. I don't want to imagine what the end cost is going to be for you.  Hopefully there will be some deals out there but I don't think this is going to go the route of the PG 00 which started at the same price but eventually got pushed down to nearly 15000 yen!  I expect that the price will be reduced for us in Japan (it always is.  I've paid the listed full price for my Gundam about... uh... never.)  So I might be able to get away with this for about 21000 yen.  That may sound like a lot of money and it is... but it's basically what I paid for the PG Zeta Gundam.  I've done it before and I'm willing to do it again.  Plus I'm living a lifestyle right now where 21000 yen for a model like this is something I can definitely manage.  

It may not be the best decision I ever make but... I won't be kicking myself.  Especially If I can complete it by years end.  Which is my goal.  Running through re-colour ideas as we speak and yes it will probably be something similar to what you think I'm going to do.  Busterbeam専用機!  All ace pilots have their own colour scheme!  Why should I be the exception?  And all of us modelers have own on styles and personalities that come out in our work.  Most of you have a feel for mine by now I think.  And I daresay that some of you actually like it. Just don't get on my case right now about how I haven't finished anything recently.  I'm working on that!

I expect that the kit will be very popular, especially since it taps into the younger Seed/Destiny generation of Gundam fans who have more of an international presence not to mention more of a pronounced gender balance as opposed to any U.C. stuff.  And of course... it is the... flagsuit (?!) of the series!  Can't really go wrong there.

Anyway, because of these reasons I'm not expecting a significant drop in price anytime soon.  Sorry.  I think this kit will stay popular and won't see the relatively sharp tapering off in demand that the PG 00 showed.  Time will tell if I'm right on this or not but it will get cheaper over time.  All PG kits do (except for extra finish versions).

haha I can't believe that I thought this might be sold for under 20000 and even went so low as 15000.  wtf was I thinking there?!  Dream on indeed. (check the comments of Commentary 1 if you want to see what I'm talking about)

I was right in saying that this kit would incorporate some new modeling technology that we haven't seen yet.  Studier joints and special gimmicks included to expose the frame.

I know from reading the comments from Com.1 that some of you were not really feeling this idea but you know that I AM!  Yeah!  I want to look at this Gundam in the right light and have it look so bright that it brings a tear to my eye.  Like the plated gold Musha Mk.II.  Yes. I love that stuff and I'm willing to pay for it.  ANA Gundam?  Don't get me started.

I figured they'd do a new mold because the Strike Freedom is just too different from the Strike/Red Frame.  You can kind of see that in the design shots I posted earlier.  Improving on the Strike frame is a tall order but it has been 6 years already.  The Red Frame proved to me that as great as the frame is, armour application can still ruin a lot of things, which is why I still refer to the Strike as the best PG out there and not the Red Frame.

In short; STOKED

This is a very large pic or the prototype so it's a good one to check out the details and proportions.
Impressions: Excellent. Love the proportions.  

I'm a bit concerned about the fragility of the dragoon frame.  There are some thin moving parts there which means they're going to be under some stress mean mean potential breakage if some of the joints there are too stiff.  And those parts way be plated because they're exposed.  Depends on the type of plastic they use.  
Older PG's have even been known to use die cast metal parts (only in the waist though really).  I wonder if this will have them anywhere?

Like Z said in his post I think the belly cannon should be extended/pushed down a bit more.  As you can see I obviously think of it as being in the stomach area but it's looking like its more in the chest.  

I like the shoulders and the head a lot.  I think the head is beautiful actually.

The final thing that I noticed about this suit is that it is totally symmetrical.  I don't think I have one Gundam that's like that because they usually have a shield on the left arm.  This one has beam shields on both.  Beam sabers, rail guns, beam rifles, vulcans, dragoons...  all mirror each other. 

Thus my love for this kit has just increased to another level.  This is going to be amazing.  I can't believe I'm going to say this but this really may be the perfect gundam model kit. For me at least.  I like almost EVERYTHING about it.  My gripes right now are minor and barely worth mentioning.

I suspect that the frame of the kit will done in yellow with plated parts here and there where they'll be exposed through the armour.

Looks like it will be a bit taller than the Red Frame but I doubt many people are going to be posing this thing standing on the ground.
I can taste it.  It's going to be good.  It's going to be very good...

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Most Popular Posts this Summer

See if you can make heads or tails of this because I can't.  I don't understand why these posts are so popular!  What's with the resurging interest Reborns Gundam?!  I didn't realize that people liked it so much.  Or any of the other posts for that matter.  I don't get it.  Guess I'm out of touch with the community! haha

Additional unrelated pics.

Oh my goodness.  @ the Tokyo Game Show
Wave's new Valkyrie.  Looking good!

Old and new Victory comparison.  I have the old one.

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ANA Gundam!

My trip to Shizuoka to see the 1/1 Gundam netted me my two newest and now favourite HG's.  ANA Gundam and the Eco-Pla Mk.II

Props to ASM for hooking me up with this!  You are awesome!

Just look at this thing!  I love it!

Hell yeah!

Notes:  It's actually impossible for this kit to hold anything in it's left hand as it only comes with a left fist.  I put both fists on my Eco-Pla Mk.II (which you all know).  I used the GM Quel's left hand here so it can hold the beam rifle.  Outside of the fists, what's pictured here is everything that you receive with the kit.

The decals are very sticky stickers.  I didn't use mark setter or softer out of fear of ruining the finish.  The decals stick with the slightest touch so you have to apply them gently.  They're somewhat tough so they won't tear easily but caution is recommended.  I suppose you can say that of any decaling process though.

It's already lined in silver in some of the white parts and it's impossible to clean of the nubs/seam lines without damaging the finish so, in my mind, this is technically a 'completed' model.  I have no intention of doing anything else to this Gundam.

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Girls Generation / Kara / Japanese Beer Girls

Note: Press ctrl - to minimize the images if they're too big for your browser.  I intentionally posted large images this time.  They're worthy.

Perhaps the only specifically non-Gundam related topic I've written about on this blog.  But it's worth mentioning and I think some of you will thank me for doing this later.

I first posted a pic of Girls Generation here.  Since then ASM (he hasn't posted about it... YET) and Gaigun have gotten into them as well and I'm sure most of you will too.

I will now tell you of the story of how I came to learn about this group.  It's a roundabout story.

It started on a trip to Ishikawa prefecture but we'd stopped for dinner at a sushi shop in Toyama.  When the girl I was with took a washroom break I took the opportunity to stare at a poster of beer girls.  I needed that poster.  So I scribbled down some notes (there was a pencil there to write down your order, thank goodness! and I had a piece of paper of some kind in my pocket.)

Weeks later... I'm going through some of my papers (I write notes on a lot of things to research later) and I come across this note.  Que me searching for I don't even know how long through Japanese Beer Girl photos and posters on the net.

Thank you Japan for this type of advertising!

After a fair amount of time searching I FINALLY found a good size picture of what I was looking for!  Now I can make my own poster if I want to!  (Although that would be pretty obsessive... Maybe just a small print out.)

I'm not sure what it is about this poster that captured my attention so much.  Probably just the sheer number of girls.  And the uniformity.  It's composed quite nicely.  Although in the original version I saw at the sushi shop they were holding fake photoshopped beer mugs which also added an extra draw.

I'm not sure how it happened (probably because of the key words I used in a mixture of Japanese and English) but doing my 'research' I was taken to a few different sites where I also learned about a girls group called "Kara". I was taken with the album cover.

I don't know what they're doing over there in Korea but whatever it is please don't stop.

Which naturally prompted me to research them.  After doing that I came across this image.

wtf is this?! AND in military uniforms!?  My total weakness! omg fml because I'll never get a girl like this but thank you for letting me find this and thank you so much for giving some Korean rich guy the idea to make this band!!!
And as you can guess after I saw THIS I researched them quite ardently and I've never been the same since.

I know what you're thinking and "You're welcome."  However there may be some of you out there who are NOT interested in this type of thing at all (different strokes for different folks and all) so to stay on topic here is a Gundam picture.

I'll finish this someday I swear.

Eco-Pla Mk.II - Gallery

Big plans for this guy.  This is the "Silver Fist" version, using the HG ANA Gundam's hands.  Weapons and backpack were donated temporarily to the GM Quel.  Full gallery is here.

Perhaps my new favourite 1/144.  When I'm done with it I'm sure it WILL be my favourite 1/144.

Monday, September 13, 2010

HLJ VF-27 - Supplemental - "The Zone"

Not an official part of the WIP. I'm at the decal stage now and it's tough, time consuming work. Especially the way that I'm doing it. I feel like I'm going to have to put myself into the "zone" again and really just power through it.

It's weird. I felt myself getting there the other night but I had to shut it down early and go to bed (it was near 4am at the time). I'm not sure if you any of you have felt that before. That point when you're modeling and you just want to keep pushing and do as much as you can for as long as you can, regardless or time or plans for the next day. I felt that before when I was working on my Impulse.  (After re-reading that post it's funny to think about how little as changed.)

I'm going to have to go back to that 'place' again.  Force myself in because you know... I'm just frustrated.  Not with anything in particular.  Just myself.  My summer vacation is nearly over and I'm thinking of what I've done but what keeps coming back is what I haven't done.  Don't concentrate on the negatives just make the changes now.  No regrets.  Just movement.  Forward movement.  Gotta make it happen.

First I'll get the chores and stuff out of the way, so I can enter with a somewhat clear conscience.  I work best when the sun has completely disappeared so...  I'll be going into the zone at around 9pm and going hard until the jobs done.  Or I lose my mind.  Or should I say lose 'more' of my mind.

Time for the big push!  Here we go!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

HGUC - GM Quel - Gallery

Just a compilation of all the pics I've taken of it so far. More to come once I take the Advanced Hazel out again but I've finally set up a gallery for it for future pics.

Here is a list of all the relevant posts I've made on this kit.

Mk.II Eco Pla Upgrade
Initial Build
Gun Mod
Purchase event/reason
First sighting

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HLJ VF-27 - WIP 8 - Rifle

First and only appearance of under-gates. ALL gates should be like this as far as I'm concerned.
Not that many parts.  More complicated than regular rifles but definitely manageable.
I like how they put in the nozzle of the energy emitter.  You'll never see it later but its the little things you know.  I also like how the scope can pop up.  The handle can fold back ever so slightly.  Kinda wonder why they even bothered to add that.
I've long since painted and detailed this but pics of the parts I painted will be covered in a separate post.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HLJ Playing with Plastic Contest Winners.

I'm sure most of you have seen it already but if you haven't check it out here.

After looking at the winners I realized one thing.  I was in WAY over my head! LOL!  There are some really powerful modelers out there!  I can't hope to compete with them at my current skill level.

I mean just look at this!  That water is amazing!

However it got me to thinking... If you spend a long time on something and it's really good there's nothing stopping you from entering it into multiple competitions.

Anyway congrats to all the winners, including fellow bloggers, Z for his MG Blue Frame, Don at DC23 Mech Arts for "The Graveyard" and MatX for the Ice Queen. Totally worthy!  Definitely don't mind losing to this caliber of modelers.  Top Coat/Photo/Pose King and Gods of Kotobukiya Extra Parts and Pla-Plate respectively.  Well done gentlemen.

Some of the runner's up were very impressive too!  Definitely worth a look!

But to all of you who didn't win, I haven't forgotten about you.  Here's something from me to you.  Good job guys!  SALUTE!

Monday, September 6, 2010

PG Strike Freedom - Design details

There's a lot going on here.  Take a look and draw your own conclusions.

Found on

It's gonna be a helluva build from the looks of it.