About Plamo Addiction

I'm addicted to plastic robots.  I've been fighting this for a long time and I'm not sure if I can ever really quit because every time I think I'm out of the game... I get drawn back in.  Just one more mission...

It all started when some Asian kids in my high-school digital communication class showed me a picture of something called a Gundam.

A FAZZ Gundam, I'd realize later.  As a long time Transformers, Macross and general mecha fan I thought it was absolutely amazing.  I still do. They tried to explain the concept to me but I wasn't quite ready then.  The idea was just too foreign.

Not long after that I saw a model of one on a friends desk at his house.  He said it was called Gundam and it was from Japan.  I decided to buy one for myself.  And then I bought another one.  And another.  And another...

I'm from Mississauga, Canada.  After university, I moved to Tokyo, Japan and stayed there for 8 years.  It is the absolute worst place for someone with an addiction like mine.  And the best...  It is the motherland of this stuff and if there's a Gundam related thing that needs doing chances are that I've done it.

Now I have a lifetime supply of Gundam's.  It's going to take me a long time to get through them but that's what this blog is for.  They've taken on symbolic significance for me.  Each one represents a different stage of my life.  They remind me of all the places I've been and all the people I've met during those years.  For this reason I can't throw any of them away and I want to see them all achieve their full potential.  For better or for worse they are pieces of my life now.  When I look at them I don't just see a plastic robot.  I see my own history.

This blog is a chronicle of my experiences with this hobby...  It started with panel lining my 1/100 Red Frame and painting the sword after years and years of just snap building.  The experience literally changed my life.

I understand that this isn't for everyone. I understand that this may seem foreign and unusual to some people.  And that's OK.  If you're new, I hope I can provide a good introduction for you.  If you're experienced, I hope you'll enjoy seeing my process and give me some advice. Building these things has given me a lot of pleasure over the years and I still love it as much now as I did nearly 20 years ago.

When I was in Japan I saw that boys who'd barely started school and elderly men alike were both into this hobby.  It's timeless... so I leave this record behind of my journey... for those who have come before me and taught me the ways, for those who have walked with me, for those who have learned from me and for those yet to come.

Welcome to Plamo Addicition.