Friday, January 18, 2013

Nu Gundam ver.ka - 1 - Panel Spraying

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

My weapon.
Before I start a new project I disassemble the whole thing and clean it top to bottom.

Thinking of using these.  May change my mind mid way through though.  We'll see.

Before and after, frame panels

Kinda hard to see the difference but it's enough for me.  I don't want much to be stock colours

Blue parts, before

Will use this for the blue for now.  It's a good base for whatever colour I decide to go with later.  The lacquer thinning agent is unnecessary for this paint but I use it to clean my airbrush.

Gloss black turned out well

I decided to use the remainder of my Krylon hybrid black spray can.  It's always produced a rough finish like this...  I sprayed the Alclad black on it after but it didn't change the finish much.  Oh well.  Will worry about that later.  Glad that can is finally done though.  This is what happens when you experiment.


Oh well.  I just did it so I could get a better idea of the colours when the snap fit is done.  The real painting will come later.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Gauntlet 2.0

Hm.  Just realized that it'll soon be 5 years since I first started this blog.  That is some time... what a journey it's been and I'm still doing it.  Granted I've slacked off a bit since coming back to Canada but my Facebook page is still alive and thriving.

But for this I've decided to bring it back to where it all started.  Right here.  My blog.  Plamo Addiciton. In May 2011, I laid down the gauntlet to my fellow bloggers and gauntletiers. It was a challenge to them to finish a kit that we all had but hadn't really done anything with. Hosted by the Gundam Australia Forums our ranks swelled and many of us finished or kits successfully by the end of August.

It was fun but also exhausting.  The good thing about GB's is that we can all learn from each other and get new ideas making the end product better than it would have been if we'd worked alone.

We started in the beginning of May. 4 months. One season. We are doing it again. January 1 to the end of March.  This one was started by lupes with what may prove to be one of the best MG's since the Sinanju. The Sinanju is what brought most of us together and was our first GB where a lot of us made our names. The gauntlet has been laid down. Who dares to pick it up and meet the challenge? If you are one of the worthy... meet us here.

The kit in question!  

MG Nu Gundam ver. KA! This one modeled by NAOKI