Thursday, April 28, 2011

off topic...

Just a small note to let the interested parties know that my 2nd blog now has a facebook page.  I'm hoping some other people will come and post some links and pics as well because I can only do so much myself.  Besides... I think my horizons need to be expanded so come and show us who you think is beautiful!

And now... candy for you.

Jun Natsukawa.  I've been a fan for a long time.

PLUS we need at least something Gundam related here.

Nobell Gundam she is not and I think any female Gundam should have at least 2 bazookas but I can accept this.  Any girl that will wear a costume like this is a winner for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MG Exia - WIP 1 - Break down

After looking at it for some time and mulling things over I decided that I'd finally dis-assemble the whole thing and get it ready for painting and modifications. I spent a lot of time talking with my family this weekend (it being Easter and all, relatives were stopping by relatively often hehe), I took the opportunity to get some work done because I'm a social Gunpla guy like that. I like to have someone to talk to or listen to while I'm working.

While I was taking it apart I made note of areas of concern (and I did manage to break a part in the process but I think I can salvage it... or just do away with the whole concept all together.)  I'm talking about the extra, collapsible "antennae" on either of the "collar bones".  I know it's a key part of the design and I do like them but I think they're impractical and get in the way sometimes.  I'll probably scrap them or put them some place else on the suit.

I won't be keeping any secrets with this but I will be revealing things as I work on them.

Despite my efforts in setting up a decent laboratory in the basement I still prefer working in my room so I bring up tools and equipment from the lab as I need them.  Right now the one I'll be working with is the 'saw'.  Time to start hacking up some of this plastic.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Looks like the English name Mary with similar pronunciation but it's actually more like mah ree eh (if you didn't know). I recently found her blog and I'm so happy about it for some reason.  It's probably because I really loved her tutorial videos.  What do you think about her Crossbone?

No subtitles but I think you can get what she's doing.

ANA Unicorn - Thoughts

What's not to like right?

I like this configuration. I'll have to mod a hand in order for it to hold the 2nd beam rifle. Paint that. Clean it up, gloss black, hit it with some metallics. Get the proper beam saber blade. Blue or green one if I can find it. Four reds sprayed with a florescent pink maybe just for the sake of variety.

Heavy work on the shield to get it to turn metallic blue. Colour matching is going to be a pain.

Seems weird to strip the regular Unicorn of its weapons like that but I can do something else for him.  I've got a couple of unopened weapon packs around here.

Just the decals left and then... Gonna have to work on the new arrival.

No backlog, I'm sticking to it. I will build everything I get right away. No one goes back into boxes anymore.

Friday, April 15, 2011

HG 1/144 ANA Unicorn Gundam - GET!!!

Yeah! Each one just gets better and better. The first one blew me away and then I saw the 00 and I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" and then I saw the Unicorn and I thought "omgwtf how can i possibly get this fml" BUT I'm proud to say that I OFFICIALLY now have ALL THREE ANA Gundams! I never thought it would happen but it has and it's all be thanks to one man. ASM has hooked me up with all three.  The first in Shizuoka, the 2nd in Osaka, and now the 3rd in Canada.

In fact this time I didn't even ask him but he held one back for me!  What a great guy. I certainly do appreciate that my friend. Looks like I'm not done building Gundam's yet! Plus I have one more coming in 2 weeks but I'm not sure what I should get... Maybe Echoes (ECOAS) Jegan.

Definitely looking forward to this!


Some of you may remember this kit from a while back (in July I know it's embarrassing).  I'm still struggling with the Wordpress system... (you all know what I'm used to) so I've been a bit slow on the photo upload side (that and the complete life upheaval) but I did make a pretty significant update recently and I'm pretty close to being finished.  Take a look.

I want to thank Gaigun for hooking me up with this.  He just wrapped up his first Macross fighter; the VF-25F Tornado Messiah.  Be sure to check that too if you haven't already.

 Naturally gets a "Respect Due" as well.  Click the link on the side for more info.

Labour of love with this thing man. I put a lot of time into it. On and off of the computer. Learned a lot. It was an experience and an opportunity to expand my skills. I think I could do that so that makes this kit a win for me... Even though it's a pain to get looking right!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MG Exia

Damn this is a good looking model. Kinda glad that it won.  Also glad that I didn't pay for it... great free addition to the collection.  +C1 is nothing to scoff at either.  Girl's got some taste in mecha!

I'm keeping it close and just looking at it over time and letting the ideas come slowly although I've pretty much decided what I want to do.

I'm not sure what to do about primer though. I didn't see any at my local shop. Looks like I might have to prime from my airbrush for the first time. Probably for the best. What do people in North America use for that? A friend's coming to visit me from Japan. Maybe I'll have her bring me some.

Funny note. I had the hip sword mounts assembled backwards all this time. Easy to fix. I knew something was wrong! Lesson learned: Trust your instincts. If you think it's wrong it probably is.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My ENTIRE Collection

Finally got around to cataloging it all. Here it is.


00 Raiser ANA Original Color Ver.
G30th ANA Original Color Ver.
Lunamaria Zaku
Lacus Concert Zaku
Infinite Justice
L.O. Booster
Astraea Type F
0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.)
1.5 Gundam
Graham's Union Flag Custom
RX-78-2 (RG)
GM Quel
Bawoo Mass Production Type
Z'Gok Experiment
ReZEL (Commander Type)
GM Custom
Powered GM
Hyaku Shiki
Advanced Hazel
Eco Pla Mk.II
Gouf Flight Type
GM Command
Mass Production Guncannon
S-Gundam (NG)
Zaku F2000


Infinte Justice
Zaku F2
Impulse w/2x Excalibur
Musha Gundam Mk-II
Mk-II Ver.2.0 Titans
Mk-II Titans
Exia Ignition Mode
Blue Frame 2nd L (NG)
Red Frame (NG)
Red Frame (MG)
Heavy Arms
Zeta Plus C1
Victory Dash (HG)
V2 (HG)
FAZZ (Standard color)
Hyaku Shiki (NG)
OYW Anime Color
Titanium Finish RX-78-2
F-91 (NG)


Strike Freedom
Red Frame


1/48 Unicorn Head
XN Raiser x2
Sinanju Bazooka x2
Masterpiece Skywarp
GN Sefer
SD Aegis
SD Justice
Combat san (Normal version)


Revoltech VF-1S
Revoltech VF-1A
Revoltech VF-1J
Valkyrie Egg Plane
VF-19SF Fire Valkyire (Metallic Finish)
15th Anniversary VF-1A Super Valkyrie
1/72 VF-25G Messiah Michel Custom
1/72 VF-27 Lucifer Brera Sterne Custom
1/60 Yamoto VF-1S Roy Fokker

85 items as of this post.

No pics? Come on... you know me better than that.  Here are a couple from the archives.  All the box art is of stuff I own and all the pics I took myself over the duration of this blog.

I've come along way... and still have SO much further to go...

Monday, April 11, 2011


This is the project I'm looking forward to the most.  It will more than likely be my first diarama and the project that I pour all of my cumulative modelling skills into.

I want to make a "name" for myself with this one. 

Test shots.

It's still a long way down the road but I can't tell you how happy I am to have all three of them together at last.

Models featured: Musha Mk.II, Mk.II Titans, Mk.II Titans ver. 2.0.

Taking some shots...

I do prefer the lighting I have in my room. Just taking some test shots. Trying to get in tight and get some of the detail. If you can see the dust then I'm doing my job.

My tea!

Sketch book as my backdrop.

I can not wait to get started on this guy someday!  I'm really going to enjoy that project!

Can you see all the errors and how unfinished this is?  Good.  I want you to see that.  Personally speaking I love the way my 0 Gundam looks right now.  Just like this.  Of course I can do more work on him and get him looking proper but you know what... I like to PLAY with him!  He's going to show a little wear and tear.  I don't ever want to forget that this stuff is supposed to be fun. However he too will eventually get his day in the sun and I'll do it properly.  This was just a stop gap measure to change the colours quickly so I could be happier with it.  He definitely deserves the extra attentional he'll get in the future.

Models featured: G-Unit! L.O. Booster, ANA 00, 0 Gundam custom.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Exia / Zeta+C1 Resurrection

Well protected in the Duvel box, these two survived the journey back with little damage.  A broken handle, a couple missing parts which I may actually have here already.

I am reminded that the Exia is essentially the "Viewer's Choice" mecha that is next to be worked on.  Exia gets moved to the forefront with Titanium Finish.

I'm still getting adjusted between places to work.  I set up a decent lab downstairs that gives me solitude but I do more work when I'm around people.  Namely in the kitchen so I'm thinking of setting up a work station there.


Natural light shots.  Guys... seriously.  It is not over rated.  Check it out.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  You can figure it out.

The last pic demonstrates my biggest problem with this suit. Balance. Gonna have to start with the feet first and mod for stability. Need to tighten up the joints too and make them stiffer. Armour will probably be glued in place. Light frame painting, no major detailing. The head/face is exceptional. Will spend some extra time there.

The real work is going to come down to how the blue is treated and changing the tones of the white. May be forced to do a little bit of light weathering for the first time.