Friday, October 7, 2011

Just Talking - Early October 2011

Fall has come.

The days of summer lightning have long passed. I feel like I've been away for a while.

Not necessarily away from Gundam but away from this blog. That was intentional. I decided to force myself to focus on other things in my life. It was something that needed to be done. And I'll have to do it again this month.

I don't want to leave this hobby behind. And I won't but I'm in a transitional phase in my life right now and I have to focus on whats happening now. If September is any indication then October will also be a very busy time for me. It's funny. I picked up this hobby during the most stable time in my life. And I haven't really been able to shake it.

If I was still in Japan I'd still be buying kits like crazy, just because of accessibility and honestly because of habit. I am addicted. Let the title of this blog remain forever as a reminder of that.

But like any addict when you've been forced away from your 'trigger' you find a way to make do and I guess I've done that.

But the longing...