Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back home

It is good to be home. I've spent the last couple days just playing games with my sister and catching up with old friends. Glad I don't have to worry about work for now. My Gundams were right were I left them. Heavyarms, Titans Mark 2, Hyaku Shiki, Buster and L.O. Booster. The other guys were in a box. Took a look at them last night trying to find the MSZ-006C I had. I didn't find it. I think I threw it away years ago because it was so badly damaged. I got a couple of models from garage sales when I was in high school. In terrible shape. That was the only one I tossed apparently. It really was in bad shape and I didn't like the all grey colour. Talk about regret. That was the one I wanted to resurrect most. But all these guys could use some help. To refurbish all of them would take a LONG time and I don't want to bring all of them back because I don't need the distraction. I have enough in Japan to work on already but... As soon as I get this Impulse done I'm going to START another project and then go back to working on the G04. Spreading myself out but I find it hard to stay focused on one project for a long time. I stopped working on the G04 so I could work on the Impulse and after looking at it for so long I decided to try the Powered GM for a bit and then went back to the Impulse... Oh well. What can you do. No pics yet because I left my cell phone in Japan and have a digital camera here that's 2x stronger but 4x more complicated to use. The pics will come though. For now here's a pic of a beautiful MG Impulse that I found surfing the net. If anyone could remind me of which website it came from I'd appreciate it greatly.

As I thought, I do look at these kits with new eyes now. I really do see them for what they could be, not for what they are. It'll take a long time to fix them up... but it's going to be fun. I'm starting with the first model I ever bought. The Sentinel. What everyone else calls S-Gundam. Details to follow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MG Impulse

Another ritual I have. Whenever I'm planning on a long journey (that I'll eventually be returning from) I set up my Gundam's to 'watch over' the place while I'm gone. I decided to set up the Impulse today. No, it's not finished. I still need to finish the flyer and do the decals plus some paint touch ups, but I'd say it's about... over 90% completed. Not ready to be photographed yet. Properly photographed. And no gallery, but I wanted to show just a little bit of what I've done with it so far. Today I bought my first 'Action Base' and set it up for him. I was quite pleased with the result. It's really essential for getting dynamic poses out of this model. I gave it this pose by accident but it ended up reminding my a painting I saw years ago of an angel descending with it's spear. This model looks a little bit strange when compared to the other 1/100's I have. It's taller, much thinner and the head is noticeably smaller. But when set up alone he really does look impressive. For now I leave these pics as I begin my journey back to the place of my birth. And to be re-united with some old 'friends'.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

AMS-129 Geara-Zulu (Guard Custom)

Originally uploaded by Busterbeam

Yes. Yes. I'm really liking this one. This is more my style but I'd like it to have a shield. Maybe like a Gouf gatling shield. Simple. Functional. Not flashy but the subtle bordering and insignia design give a little bit of class that separates it from the rest of standard grunt suits. Nice thruster placement. Definitely a suit maybe for space combat. Extra ammo on the front skirt is a bit of a hazard. I'm assuming it's explosive. Not the safest place. Would be better on the back skirt as there is nothing there at all. Highlight for me is the extra armoured shoulders with the spikes. Symmetry. It's not over-rated. The plain assault rifle gives it a grunt suit feel but the spikes give it a feeling of power that most of them don't have. This suit would look amazing with a bit of weathering. Love the stock colours. One of my favourites. If I had this kit I'd swap in a beam rifle or bazooka and find a shield for it.

Very pleased with this design.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

AMS-129 Geara-Zulu (Angelo Sauper Custom)

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As I understand it the Geara-Zulu descended from the Geara-Doga. A fine suit in it own right. I've seen variations of this Zulu from dark purple to pink. Personally I think a purple MS is quite a bold statement. The pilot must have extra ordinary confidence to pilot a suit like this. I like the double spikes, reminiscent of the Gouf and the large rifle kinda reminds me of the Tallgeese. I'm not sure about those large fuel tanks though. Kind of an eye sore and what's the point of that fin on the opposite side of the rifle? That said I do think its a very nice suped up grunt suit. Does anyone know of another purple MS? Now that I think of it... I don't think I've ever even seen a purple CAR.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome back!

Decided that I'll try to write a couple of short posts more often just so that there's less of a gap in between posts (I wrote this day's ago but then Blogger was giving me trouble my picutres and I haven't had the time to sit down and figure it out until now. Took a lot of time. Who would've thought that blogging would be so time consuming!).
Gundam really has become almost of a daily thing for me. I guess I should have made this a Gundam board more than a 'Plamo' one. Oh well. No going back now.

Today (well, then. Which was the 8th) I decided to haul out my Perfect Grades. I missed them too much. I'm glad they're out now. I cleared out some place to display them. While I was assembling them again I realized that I look at them with different eyes now. I see a lot more of the details in them now. I see broken things that I know how to fix now. Fix more effectively I should say. I know how to order parts from Bandai now. I've already done it.

Doing one of these guys over the way I'd like to would take A LOT of time though. But what the hell. I have it. It's not like I have a deadline. If it takes 10 years that's OK. I mean I've already had the Mark 2 for 5. The thought kind of filled me with hope. Like... I don't have to rush. I can just do it. Take me time and do it right. Enjoy the process you know. The time you put in reflects the outcome. The PG's will have to wait until I can more experience though. I want to airbrush them I think. I mean I really want to do a totally overhaul on them with an insane paintscheme. Something that people will look at later and think, "wtf did that guy do?! That must have taken forever!" haha.

The other day I put up this pic as my wallpaper and I got to miss them so much.

This is what they look like now.

Welcome back guys! It's about time you saw the new apartment!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

00 Gundam

s 083
Originally uploaded by Busterbeam

Well here it is finally. Double GN Drives on the shoulders. The waist seems especially thin to me. Guess I'd have to see it in action before I can say concretely if I like it or not. First impression is that it's cool but pretty standard. Take the GN Drives off and you're left with a relatively plain mech. The GN 'Spike' look on the shoulders is nice though.

Impulse update. Flight pack is assembled. I've put it on display in my room because from a distance it looks great, but when you get close and take a look at the details you'll notice a lot of things wrong. Taking a bit of a break right now. Sorry no pics until it's 100% completed. Right now I'm pretty impressed. MUCH thinner than the OYW RX-78-2 but a bit taller. UC and CE designs really are quite different aren't they!