Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1/100 GNY-001 Gundam Astraea

As I mentioned before, after I was finished at the Expo I ended up going to two new shops. At the last shop I saw a couple of new models. This is one of them. 1/100 Astraea. Looks like it comes with the GN sword, bazooka, rifle, plus shield. It reminded me of why I bought the MG Mark 2 so many years ago. It wasn't anything flashy. Bazooka, rifle, shield, beam sabres. Very well rounded and at a good price too. They had a completed version displayed as well. I was very tempted to buy this... but am focused on my G04 right now and am having trouble seeing anything else right now. But there's no rush to get this after all. I'll probably be able to buy it cheaper in a little while anyways. Thinking of potential paint schemes for it. Maybe... silver? I'm thinking of something a bit 'showy' and 'alien' for this one.

I know.

Going against my regular style but I think the design warrants it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gunpura Expo in Nagoya

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Well... it was crazy. But tame at the same time. Nothing like my frequent visits to the Gundam Museum in Matsudo. This was a lot more subdued. The sheer amount of people present pushed it into the 'crazy' category. Started off with a history of Gunpura. Starting from the early 80's up until now. It was really funny seeing the first kits that I bought there. Some of the 'No Grade' stuff that I started out on. That was in the late 90's but these kits were apparently made in the late 80's. I had no idea. It was interesting seeing how it all started and evolved over time. Some great dioramas were there and lots of completed models in display cases. The highlight was the giant Exia. Let's see... it was probably 1/10 scale? It was a bit taller than me and I'm close to 6ft tall. They were selling clear HG 1/144 RX-78 and Exia, HG 1/144 metallic Exia and Char's Zaku, clear 1/60 Exia and clear MG Strike Freedom. All stuff specifically for this expo with special boxes. I bought nothing. Prices just weren't worth it and there was nothing I really wanted. Metallic 1/144 Exia would be nice but... 2000 yen plus for a HG? No thanks. I don't even like the Exia that much.

All and all I wasn't that impressed but can't say I was disappointed because it was free. You had to pay to get into the Gundam Museum. Unless you took the secret passage way like I used to. Yeah. I knew the building THAT well. I used to live in Matsudo! Access to the store there was free though. That's where I got my PG Zeta. The store here was way too expensive and didn't have that great a selection. Modern stuff in sets. All the HG Flags together. All the Thrones together. All the 1/100 OO suits together. That kinda thing.

After that I was went to two new modelling shops that I had no idea about. Kind of embarrassing actually because its ONE block away from an area that I frequent QUITE often. Just never thought to cross the street and see what was over there... Glad I was introduced to it today. These shops put the place that I usually shop at to shame! I saw a sick black Overflag with neon/lime green trim. So hawt. Pics were banned at that place and the shop attendent was right beside me so... sorry. Wish I could've put a pic of that up.

After that played a little Kizuna. Had an awesome first game with my buddy but the 2nd game was crap. My first 8x8 game. Plus my first time playing on a Japanese team. Way out of my league. Got destroyed. Good experience though. Too bad I don't know anyone in my area that plays this game. Never mind in English. Oh well. That's life in Japan I guess. All in all a pretty intense 'Gundam' day. But I bought nothing. Probably for the best. It'll make when I do finally buy something again that much sweeter.

Anyways, full gallery here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins

s 040
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Saw this model around a couple of places and it looks pretty good. Especially when the cannon is fully extended. The Thrones seem to be growing on me. I didn't really like them much at first but... now I'm starting to appreciate their... uniqueness. There was actually a lot of stuff from April's Dengeki Hobby that I didn't show you lot and this is one of them. Black metallic paint job on this bad boy would look awesome I think. As usual, more at my flickr.

Monday, April 21, 2008

1/144 O Gundam

I found it.

Limited Edition GN-000 - 0 Gundam. As of right now you can only get this Gundam by ordering it from Bandai directly (with 2 proofs of purchase of FG kits + 500 yen money order). The diorama they had set up (Yodabashi Camera in Akihabara) had the O Gundam hovering over the other 4. Only the O was painted. The shadowing made it look SO nice... I mean... truly majestic, especially in contrast to the other 4 which were just lined. It'll make a lovely figure for those lucky enough to get their hands on it. I'm thinking about going through the process to get one. I can justify it because it's a limited edition model (and it really made a strong impression on me). There's a Gundam Fair coming up at the end of this week in my city and I'm thinking of checking that out first before making any moves. Either way I've got until the end of May to get it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gelgoog 2.0

Sorry don't have a lot of time as I'm off to Tokyo for the weekend and should have been on the train an hour ago, but thought I'd leave you with a little something as I head into the Gundam capital of the planet! I'll try and take some pics of Akihabara while I'm there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MG Impulse - Line Art

I haven't been this excited about a MG in a while. It's kinda funny... I was never even a huge Impulse fan. Yeah I thought it was a great suit but it wasn't one of my favourites when I think about it. And then... looking back on it... I liked the Impulse WAY more than the Strike. All modes of it... In every category. And then seeing this line art... I just thought it was so... well I'm going to stop myself from using an adjective I'd normally reserve for attractive women. I really liked it. The coloured line art (minus packs and weapons) was even my cell phone wall paper for a long time. Obsessed? Well I called this place "Plamo Addiction" for a reason!

Impulse. Yeah. I think they're really going to do a good job on this kit. I haven't bought a MG for myself since the OYW-78. Ah! I'd love to buy it!!! But I have so many other things to do!
... *thinks for some time* ...
One of my co-workers asked me why I don't put one of my 'robots' up in the office... and I said "I didn't think that'd be okay." She said... "Sure I don't care." (My hobby isn't really a secret.) Since I got the green light today... maybe the Impulse would be a nice addition...

mm... not sure if I'm in love with the art or the suit. This kit will be released around my birthday so I might just reward myself with an impulse purchase! haha... yeah...
*inches away slowly*

Monday, April 14, 2008

Plutone Core Fighter

s 035
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We've all seen that the GN Drives can be ejected from the base 00 suits but the Plutone suit (prototype for Nadleeh I believe) was equipped with Core Fighter technology. Kinda makes you wonder if we'll see this come out later on in the series. Stats say it's unarmed, so probably just used for escape. The yellow antennas are called "Cervical Antennas". I'll let you figure that one out yourself. More at my flickr.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1/35 Jumbo Grade Zeta Gundam

This thing is... massive. I've never seen anything like it. The box itself is around 1m tall (around 3 feet or so). I thought the PG Zeta was big but it's only 1/60 scale. This is almost DOUBLE that... AND it transforms as well. When I first heard about this I thought that it was a kit but obviously it's not and comes pre-made. I actually took this pic a while ago but it was kinda low on the priority list (along with HG RX-93). Quite a piece of work but a little bit... unwieldy for me. Would love to see it out of the box though.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gundam Throne Drei

I like it. I really like it. Of all the thrones I like this one the best. I'm not sure why exactly since the designs are all essentially the same but this one impressed me more than the others. I think it's the symmetry and the functionality of the design. They had it set up so that you could buy all three HG Thrones at the same time very easily and I was thinking that there could be some serious potentional for some great diorama's or custom jobs in the future. I hope it happens. Looking forward to next month's magazines to see what those guys will make.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GN Arms Type E + Gundam Astraea

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Constructed from the GN Arms E 1/144 HG kit. Not THAT many modifications but enough to make it look a considerably better. Most of the work went into the paint job. Yellow? Mm... not sure how I feel about that (being the tame guy that I am). Also not so keen on the colour scheme of the Astraea either (orange, pink and grey? Yikes.) but the "full face" helmet mod is kinda cool.

I like the idea! I'm curious about future GN Arms versions. I think this could have been executed a bit better. Or should I say... more to my liking. Definitely potential here though. Complete section scans at my flickr.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reflections 2 - Potentially destined

I'm shaving the collar down so that the head can move more freely. Sawing plastic away, shaping it. Adding more here, taking away some there. The G04 was talking to me. Telling me what it wanted to become. It's strange for rocks to talk to you isn't it? But when a sculptor stares at a slab of granite, whats happening there? Is there some kind of communication? Or is it simply ideas being transferred onto a static medium...

Think of the page as pure potential. It can be anything. A painting. A journal entry. A love letter. A sketch. Fold it and it can become a crane. Edge on it can cut you. Taoists believe in something called "P'u" which is the state of pure potential. Literally means "uncarved block". The state where you can see everything as it really is, free of mental hindrances. It's the ideal. Free to be/become anything at anytime.

But I wonder if destiny doesn't play a role some how. If it's not all pre-determined in some type of cosmological plan. People often say "If it's supposed to happen it will happen", implying that there's a pre-determined outcome to all of this. No chance or randomness. All destined. So sometimes I think that it's not simply a matter of the writer putting ink to the page, but more a matter of the writer drawing the words OUT of it. The sculptor not simply removing bits of rock to create and form but more revealing what is waiting inside of that rock. I stare at blank slates, blank pages, blank walls, and in this case a straight built plastic robot and wonder what's waiting inside to be released. Sounds silly doesn't it.

But here's the funny thing. This mentality has spilt over into other areas of my life as well. Increasingly I find myself ceasing to think of things as they are, but more of as how they could be. Just thinking. Not everything is meant to be changed. There's a lot of things in life that you simply have to accept as being unchangeable. By you at least. But it is fun to think about sometimes.

Friday, April 4, 2008

00 Region Exia

#2301. What will #2302 be? Dynames I bet. I was quite surprised to see this actually as I wasn't aware of the fact that 00 was going to get the 'FIX' treatment as well... (hilarioius considering all the magazines I buy and websites that I frequent) but I suppose it was an inevitability. It looks pretty good! The paint was even and looked very symmetrical (unlike some other FIX's that I've seen). Man, how many Exia models are out now all together? I know it's a popular suit but still... oh well. It is the flagship MS of the series (so it would be a... flagsuit?!). The first of any new 00 brand is going to be Exia I guess. Never been big on pre-made suits but those who are and like the Exia will be very pleased with this one I think.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Patlabor Revoltech Diorama

s 030
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I never even thought of weathering on a Revoltech model! Here's what it'd look like. 3 ARL-99 Helldivers vs 1 rogue Helldiver from the Patlabor series. The Helldiver is a special labor for use by the Japanese Self Defence Force. Just as the Patlabor units are for use by the Police Force.

What? Never seen Patlabor you say!? Shame on you. You're only missing out on one the best animes ever. The movies are particularly good (1 and 2 specifically) and so is the latter half of the TV mini series (6 episodes I believe, 4-5 were my favourites). I will never forget it. It was (and still is) unlike anything I've ever seen and it was made years ago. From a story tellers stand point it easily ranks in my top 10 (perhaps even 5) anime's ever. Do yourself a favour and watch them. And if you've seen them already you should watch them again. Yes they are THAT good. In my opinion haha

I love this idea so much because you can just concentrate on painting and posing because the model comes pre-built. The thing I like about Revoltech models is that they're kind of meant to be played with and re-posed constantly. If I made something like this I'd be afraid to touch it again. But I suppose it would be possible to make a couple of different dioramas, assuming that no glue was used to keep the models/pieces in place.

It'd be nice to see something like this done with the Macross stuff. I can only hope because I don't intend on doing it myself.