Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nu Gundam ver.ka - 5 - Section 1 Complete

The build process has been evolving as I go. I get new ideas on the fly and take inspiration from my fellow modelers and those who have built this kit before me. I'm being very fluid and am living in the moment when it comes to this. This build may be my best one to date. There is an overall plan and theme... but I'm being very flexible in how I reach that goal. This will be the last week so it's time to kick it up a notch and try to blast this out.

I am very excited about this Gundam.

I feel like I've done some good work so far and that I've become a better modeler, blogger and artist through the process of making this "Bloody Machine". Some of you may already know what I mean by that but if you missed it... my blood is on the ankle, hip and shoulder ball joints. Unintentional accident because intentional design mechanic.

 But enough digressions, we move ever onward!

This is as close as he'll get to being OOB.  Remember this shot for posterity.  He'll never be the same again.
Time to get serious!
Strategic speaker placement so I can groove while I work!

Broken down into the main parts.  I'm attacking this build with a modified technique.  Component focus.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nu Gundam ver.ka - 4 - Assembly

Slowing coming together. I may be able to finish this on time.

I am realizing something about this Gauntlet though.  With the first one we were all already familiar with the kit and were just going through the last final push to actually finish the PGSF.

With this one all of us were coming in cold and had no idea what the Nu was going to be like.  As such I may have miscalculated with assembly and production procedures in order to produce a quality build in the required time frame.

This Nu Gundam is very advanced and innovative and I've really enjoyed taking my time building it.  I'd hate to rush through this thing... but deadlines are deadlines.  I wonder what it will become by April?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nu Gundam ver.ka - 3 - Painting

Moving along with more tales from the Nu Gundam Gauntlet! I decided that the orb joint features introduced in this kit would get some special attention. I tried to match the colour to the that of the psycho frame parts... Because this Gundam is going to be really "psycho". That will be discussed later. For now take a look at these pics. I mixed a clear green and blue on a silver. Lacquers. The paint selection can be seen here. And then enamel silver lining. And then my blood on ankles, hips and shoulders. Those are the extra psycho parts to relay more information back to the pilot creating a more complete bond between man and machine... reducing reaction time and improving awareness of all mechanical functions and battlefield situational enhancement functions. The Psycho Joints. An additional component introduced into this Nu Gundam design by yours truly.