Monday, February 15, 2010

Still oveseas

Well it’s been just about two weeks since my last post and I feel that I’m overdue.

Damn I miss Gundam stuff sometimes. Am I going through withdrawal? I haven’t touched plastic in a while and I’m a bit envious of the other bloggers out there who are still doing their thing. People working on the new Re-Zel and the Victory… Jealous! I want to work on a new model too… and I’ve had chances but I’ve been putting them off. Trying to be mature about the whole thing…

First off… the reason I haven’t been posting much is because I’ve been travelling… across Japan (Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Aichi, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto) and internationally (Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand)

I’ve had to resist the urge to pick up Gundams that I’ve come across simply because I don’t want to carry them around (Outside of the Advanced Hazel I bought in Yamanashi of course.)
I saw a 1/144 GM Quel in Fukuoka, Kerberos BuCue Hound and Civilian Astray in Hong Kong
315 HKD for MG Gouf v.2 which is around 4000 yen or so… Not bad I guess.

Not much in New Zealand outside of a rare (to me) Hyperion Gundam but the box was so old that it had faded to black and white practically. That hobby shop I went to was mostly Warhammer stuff. Gunpla seems to be a seller there as they had the stuff right by the entrance and they had some relatively recent models… plus some really old ones that obviously didn’t sell. The price for the PG Mark 2 Titans; 800 NZD. Just under 50 000 yen! Wow.

Shin Musha was 150 NZD. Around 8000 yen. No thanks.

Simply made 1/100 Legend was nice though. I could have made it better. :)

Did I really spend some much money on Gundam when I was back in Canada? I wouldn’t even think of paying such ridiculous prices now. I mean not that id be buying PG’s back home but… I’m sure I was spending a fair amount of money just because there was no other options…

Still though… I’ll be honest… I kind of regret not picking up some of the Gundams that I’ve seen. I mean it’s not like money’s really an issue… It’s more space in my luggage… but I could have made room. And it would have been a nice souvenir of the trip.

But the other part of me is like… I can buy all the Gundams I want in Japan for the cheapest prices anywhere. Why go to another country and get a Japanese souvenir? Shouldn’t I buy something else that’s specific to the country? What would you do?

Even still… having those models would have been cool… When am I going to have a chance to buy a Gundam in Hong Kong that will always remind me of the trip?

Maybe I could just take a note of the Gundam I wanted to buy and then buy it in Japan? lol kind of defeats the purpose. I give up. Eventually lightning will strike me and I will know the answer but for now… I’m just going to not buy anything. My addiction is bad enough in Japan. I don’t need to add other countries to the list.

Not sure when I’m going to get back to regular posting but it won’t be until March. I’m seriously all over the planet this month. And I’m in places where net access isn’t so great so… I just thought I’d explain why I’m not posting nearly as much anymore.

(I’m intentionally leaving out the part where Mass Effect 2 completely consumed my life.)

Peace guys. Even though I can’t post I’m still following what you guys are doing when I can. Thank you for providing me with my ‘plastic fix’ while I’ve been gone.