Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MG Wing Gundam + comment about upcoming kits

Let's talk about it.

As stoked as I am about the Musha Mark II (mentioned in the previous post) I can't let this one go unnoticed either.
This post is probably more for the readers who grew up in North America. For most of us Gundam Wing was our first introduction to Gundam. In my case it was actually the first Gundam series I'd ever watched and I watched it from beginning to end.
I had bought the model kits before ever watching Gundam Wing and I was so happy to see a "Gundam" show on TV finally. Now I could finally see what a "Gundam" actually was.
I was pleased.
Of all the MS from Gundam Wing, I liked the Tallgeese 1 the best. That's the MG I really want and with this coming out maybe the Tallgeese isn't that far behind.
But concerning this model... This really was the one that started it all for a lot of us. This was our introduction to Gundam and what got us into this stuff to begin with. I'm not a huge Wing Gundam fan by any stretch of the imagination but... I might be forced to buy this on principle strictly for what it represents. Wing Gundam is basically the RX-78-2 of North America.
I had a birthday party at one(of two) of the Gundam bars here in Nagoya and the staff put Gundam Wing on the DVD player just because I was a foreigner and they knew that Gundam Wing was the first Gundam series that most North American foreigners had seen. It represents something to us. The beginning for us of something that had happened in Japan almost 20 years prior.
The beginning of Gundam Mania. Yes. I might be forced to buy this on principle.
But looking at this news that we've all just recently learned about... (concerning the upcoming releases) doesn't it sound like someone was fired and a new person was hired to be in charge of what would be made into upcoming models? I mean... It's quite a big change... and I have to say... a welcome one. I mean all those Zaku/RX-78-2 ver 2.0 frame based MG's. How many were there all together? Like 12?!
I mean hasn't it always seemed like anything NOT U.C. and C.E. was just 2nd class stuff and not worth the effort? And here we have news released all at the same time about Musha Mark 2, Wing, X, God and HMC O Gundam, plus 1 Gundam. Amazing. Simply amazing. How many of us were surprised at the MG GN-X announcement? Or even V Gundam for that matter? (Techically UC though isn't it.)
Somethings changing over there in Shizuoka. And whatever it is... I like it.