Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from Thailand

Saw almost nothing Gundam related except for this.

I was in Bangkok for a couple of days on vacation. Traveling alone... man that is a tough city. Lot of people trying to scam the tourists! Be wary if you're planning on going yourself! There are 1000 ways to lose money there. Muay Thai fights were awesome though.

I've been really busy recently and haven't been able to post or work on plamo like I'd have liked. Some of you know that I had some work at NHK a while back + my regular job and then prepping and going on this short vacation... had practically no time to use my new toy! Blah.

Oh well. As some of us 'older' modelers know, sometimes like really gets in the way.

Either way I'm back and my schedule has finally opened up a bit so I'll be able to work on my models more and post a bit more often.

I've been spending a lot of time just 'testing' out some of my ideas but not actually doing any 'concrete' work. I'm kind of in an "R&D" stage right now and I'm not doing much production and manufacturing. Soon enough. I think I've got main "Sinanju Ver.2 Upgrade" concept down now. Hopefully be able to get some more stuff done before the month ends.

Let me show you one thing that I've done so far.

Hated the fact that the rifle never seemed to sit flush on the palm so I corrected that. Sanded them down flat and got rid of the little angles, grooves, valleys and whatnot that Katoki put in. Then I glued it. If you couldn't tell by now I want stability in this model. Even if I have to make permanent decisions. I mean 'go hard or go home' right? I'm happy with it though. I like knowing that the rifle isn't going to fall out of the hand now because if I'm going to do that hybrid rifle/bazooka thing I'm going to need all the stability I can get. So far I don't regret and it's been working out like I'd hoped. More on that later though. Still kicking around a couple of ideas in my head, concerning extra hands.